Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 5-9-24


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 5-9-24 

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Welcome everybody to the big call tonight is Thursday, May the 9th and you’re listening to the big call. Well, everybody’s in except Bob he is at a gala event in Tampa tonight

So let’s do this. Let’s pray the call in – probably won’t be that long of a call tonight because it’s just the two of us – Sue and I – so we’ll get to the important stuff of the big call – Sue’s segment and my segment – and we’ll go from there

Let’s go into the Intel for tonight shouldn’t be a real long, long segment but I did get some really good information. So I can tell you guys who we’re hearing from – Usually it’s banks or redemption centers and sometimes Special Forces. Military will add something to it –

 Today – yesterday – Let’s just say it this way, the banks are all up to speed down to the last employee in the bank – and you’ve just got to remember –  I’ve been invested in this over 20 years now. Okay, but back in the old days, we knew of certain banks that were selling dinar and then they all stopped.

I remember – It was like December 15 2012. – There was no more dinar for sale at the bank – That was a long time ago –  12 years ago –  that’s right –

So what the banks told us  years ago –  was ohhhhh  –  there’s no such thing –  We will never sell dinar  – a lot of banks sold it and then  turned around and said they never did –  But they did – we knew where they were –  they said well  it’s never going to be worth anything – you are not going to be able to exchange it  – blah blah blah —  They just told us a bunch of lies –

A lot of banks – even Wells Fargo  when you  called up answering machine giving you a recorded message about currencies that was not true. Now I understand banks  have to protect certain things – they could not come out with the truth back then – I get it –  they were just concerning  to a lot of people – they were just trying to find out what the deal was –  We know what the deal is  because we have been doing the big call for 13 years now  –  So if you’ve been listening for a while, even 10 or 12 or 13 years, You know what the deal is

So what’s interesting about this is yesterday and the day before all banks, as far as we can tell  US Canada, I don’t know maybe everyone, brought all of their employees up to speed on the currency transaction protocols.

In other words even tellers didn’t know anything about this, if you ask  they would look at you  like a deer in headlights.  you know, you know what I’m talking about – Deny – Deny – Deny –.

Well, guess what? Yesterday and the day before – was Tuesday. Yesterday was Wednesday. They finished the training at 230 in the afternoon for, for banks that use Wednesday to train employees on the new currency protocols  exchange protocols – And what’s cool about that is everybody’s up to speed. As Mike used to say in the old days “edumacating” everybody.

Everybody is educated on currency/ currencies, the values of them and so on, now you guys know, when we get the toll free number – we’re going to call and set an appointment  for the redemption centers –

People and  I can’t believe there are that many – people that are not listening to the big law or haven’t heard of redemption centers. They walk willy nilly into a tier  two or tier three bank and say –  Hey, you guys exchange foreign currency. And everybody will say yes, please go to this purchase particular person – she’s in charge of doing currency exchange, but they will not get the same rates that we will get at redemption center. it’s very important for us to realize that’s why we’re setting the appointment – that’s why we’re going in to do.

Do they want the zim?  Yes, badly. That’s the first thing that they want to know – is what currencies do you have – do you have the Zimbabwe dollar? Yes we do, we may have a few.

And you’ll be telling them that and they should be looking forward to it. I mean, obviously  Zim has preference, but will they treat  anybody that  does have zim differently?  Will they put them – a day or two later?  Will they only take Zim holders  first. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens I can’t answer that. Don’t be surprised though. The Zim holders  are the ones that don’t wait.

Let’s see what else alright, so we have been in touch with 3 – 4 different banks – that have called us – the good news is that they were getting this out of one or two particular banks. in Canada. we’re on a conference call with our US Treasury  from 7 – 9 pm last night. And we’re getting some information from one of the banks that is saying that they are (going to try to remember how it was said )  trying to get the wording right –

Maybe they are telling us that we are in position to exchange currencies and redeem Zim Friday and Saturday. Friday, or Saturday.

Now that means Friday is tomorrow. riday is the 10th Saturday is the 11th of May This is what was said to us today. They are prepared for exchanges for us – for everybody Friday or Saturday. Wow.

Okay blown away when I heard that specific information. And we’ve got banks in the US that  are also saying it kicks off this weekend. – We’ve got special forces saying everything kicks off this weekend.

So I don’t think I need to say a whole lot of anything else – I’m excited about it. And let me say this guys.

We had heard earlier from one of the sources that took us and said Well, yeah, we could get notified anytime From now through the weekend  – exchange on Monday or Tuesday. We have heard Monday, Tuesday forever, right?

This intel today was so different from that – because it came at a great time saying they are prepared to begin exchanges – not sending out  the number necessarily first, but exchanges. So this is at redemption centers.

So here’s the way I look at it. If we’re going to start exchanging tomorrow or Saturday – we kinda need to get notified –  kind of need to get the 800 number so we can set appointments – so could it happen tomorrow?  it could happen anytime tomorrow. Could we wake up to it ? possibly –  could we do it tomorrow  during the day?  Yes – Could we get it after 4 pm when the markets close? maybe  so – maybe so — anytime we get it we should be able to call  and set our appointments and maybe we could start Friday afternoon / evening  or Saturday.

If we get notified tomorrow. If we got notified Saturday morning. You’re easily set appointments for Friday for Saturday afternoon.

 So don’t be surprised if you don’t get it tomorrow. – it could be they go to the very last minute and notify us on Saturday and we start Saturday afternoon evening. But we’re supposed to start supposed to commence –exchanges Friday or Saturday – commence means to start

This came from our US Treasury in the form of an email today.

Remember we already had the green light  from military. We got the green light from Treasury and we got the green light from Wells Fargo a couple days ago at 1pm in the afternoon.

So I’m very excited abou t this  – I’m ready to go guys – This has been a long ride –

Now, as always, we have to have a slight caveat. We know the track record for Intel has not come out well for us in the past. But we do believe we’re in a new place now. I do believe we’ve never been here before. I feel like a lot of people like  that concept.

Thank you, Sue. Thank you Bob. Thank you big call universe for listening for so many years, alright.

And you know what you’re involved in this is probably I think we’re ready to move into a redemption status –  and I’m excited about it. I’m very excited.

So let’s pray the call out. and then we’ll go along from there. Everybody have a great weekend and look for your emails that come out from Wells Fargo servers in Atlanta.

Let’s, let’s just believe. Incredible from Friday Saturday. It’s just way beyond ready. Let’s pray the call out

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