Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 9-21-23


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 9-21-23   

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So everybody has a big call tonight. It’s Thursday, September 21. And you’re listening to the big call. Thanks, everybody wherever you’re tuned in from. We don’t know all we know is last Thursday, we had 106 countries with close to 20 million listeners I think. And tonight maybe we’ll hit what it was six or more countries and who knows how many listeners will we’ll get to tonight but I’m pleased to know that we do reach pretty far out with this call and I love the fact that Sue is here, Bob is here and that we have behind the scenes people but really, the main thing is that we have listeners and big call universe all over the globe. Hopefully we’re getting to you tonight.

Intel wise, it’s not going to take too long. This shouldn’t take too long. Let’s go back to Tuesday night’s call, we talked about whether or not the rate of the Iraqi dinar would be in the printed gazette Wednesday – meaning yesterday.

And we checked it and yes, it was. It was according to our sources, put in the printed version of the Gazette, which means that the RV actually happened yesterday – in Iraq and throughout the Middle East – who were able to see and see and read the printed version of the Gazette in Arabic – and so they got started, essentially yesterday in that region of the world.

Now, what about us, what we have heard that we will get started on or by Saturday, which is two days away, and we should have our notifications coming out, either tomorrow or Saturday.

And it’s conceivable if we do get started, either tomorrow or Saturday, that we would get started and go right through the weekend – Meaning Sunday would also be an exchange day.

Now, here’s what we were told. And this is coming from one of our really strong sources saying that if the notifications for example, let’s say they do come out Saturday, we get them – two and a half hours after we get the numbers – We set appointments immediately of course, and two and a half hours after those numbers come out – We’re available for a first exchange appointment to begin.

So let’s just know this is not a relative number, but if for example, the numbers we were to receive around noon, on a Saturday, for example, we would be able to set appointments for as early as about 2:30 PM In the afternoon, Saturday.

And probably in most demographics, we would go and be able to go in for an appointment at least as late as nine o’clock and in some areas maybe as late as 10 or 10:30.

Okay, they’re going to try to pack as much in and we should be able to go for about 10 or 12 days, at most redemption centers. Some won’t be that much time, some areas of the country have very few Zim holders and very few currency holders that they can put through in a relatively short period of time, maybe four or five days.

Some areas for example, in Florida and Texas are busier and they have more Zim holders, especially Florida. And you know they’ll probably have appointments backed up a little more in those areas, especially around the bigger cities. Miami, Tampa, Orlando, etc even Jacksonville maybe, but some of the smaller towns like Gainesville will probably be a better opportunity

And if you’re in the Gainesville area, don’t forget to stop by and see Boston Market if it’s still there, where you select to stop by and eat at Boston Market and some of them have been removed.  Especially to the ones I used to frequent. But since we don’t have any here in Oklahoma, it makes it a real field trip to even find one.

Alright, so intel wise.  What we also know is on Saturday, the plan is to put the rate of the Iraqi dinar out on the digital version of the gazette. That version is my understanding is that’s the version that people would be able to see internationally. So the exposure of the dinar would be international on Saturday. But as it is now it’s only on the printed version in Iraq and throughout the other countries of the Middle East like Kuwait – that make up a little bit of a head start on us. That’s okay. It should go for us. You know, either tomorrow or Saturday, is what I’m hearing. So be prepared for that.

And don’t forget the date we have talked about the past October 4. The intention for the fourth at 1pm Eastern is to make a transition from our current services of cellphone service of internet and satellite television and make that transition for what is now the Starlink satellite system between 1pm Eastern Time and 2:10 PM

So there’s an hour and 10 minutes that they’re using we won’t have service on cell phone, internet or satellite TV and during that time transitioning to Starlink satellite system. The good news is when it comes back on at 2:10 PM on Wednesday, the 4th  we will get it back in 10 G – so the speed will be much faster on internet and on cell phone service connectivity everything will be greatly improved.

There probably some other hidden benefits that I don’t think of right now. But I’m excited about that. And during that time, if you can go out for a walk, leave your phone at home, go out for lunch. And then within that everything will be back in in style and you’ll be at 10 G

Now the other thing that’s happening on the cell towers, remember how many of the companies were talking about the benefits of 5g and all of that 4g to 5g and all that stuff? Well, unfortunately the frequencies that they were using to send out those signals are not helpful.

And the good news is that there are boxes that have been placed on most if not all cell towers now to radiate a much lower healthy frequency like four 28 cycles per second or hertz –  428 excuse me  432 hertz 5 / 28 hertz, and maybe six – cant remember if it’s six something 600 Something hertz is also the healthy frequency.

These will be healthy for us as human beings and also animals and also vegetation to receive these frequencies, these healthy frequencies. These are Raytheon boxes. Raytheon is the manufacturer of these boxes that are designed to convert the frequencies that have been used for cell service down to a healthy level of 432 Hertz 528 and six, whatever it is, etc and so on. So if you’re good And you’re probably all harmonics of each other. So, the good news is, that’s October 4th .

So I’m excited about that. and looking forward to getting everything in 10 G, see what that’s like.

And that’s basically, as I understand, your cell phone will no longer really be a cell phone but a satellite phone it will be working directly with the Starlink satellite system. If that’s the case, that also means it could be used anywhere on the globe.

Just like a satellite phone could be used anywhere, even as even as long as you got clearance to the sky. you’re in business to reach the satellites. so that’ll be kind of cool to see how that works. And I would think the signals will be better service and be better and you’ll be able to talk to people better, so excited about that. So we’re looking for a pretty big weekend.

We know it’s already started in Iraq. We know it’s already started in the Middle East.

it’s already in the printed version of the gazette – now we just need the digital version of the gazette in an online version if you will – to be put out Saturday.

so there’s not a whole lot else to say about that, Except the concept of going into your exchanges. Remember the basics don’t arrive more than 10 minutes early for your appointment. Be on time employment though –

And the other thing is the NDA as I mentioned last time is just over a page and a half. So that’s not a super long document but you want to pay attention to it. And just generally guys, if you do what is in the NDA, you don’t talk about this with anybody after this goes. You’ll probably be fine.

If you give to the wrong people because there’s a 55 page book. They’ll give you a little pamphlet or whatever that you’ll see that okay, I’m not supposed to give them this person. Obviously not to give to this organization, not supposed to give you this company. It’ll tell you who is who’s not to be given to because of whatever nefarious reason or whatever  –  They’re blackballed or somebody who’s not going to be helped by this.

And if you pay attention to that, fine if you don’t remember this, the quantum financial system sees every transaction that is made every time use Zell somebody’s money, or you send a wire, or whatever you do. it’s all tracked by the quantum financial system.

And that means if you’re doing something wrong, you’ll it’ll be seen and your account will be frozen.

And then you’ll be basically your funds will be seized and that’s not what we want to have happen.

So, obviously, your presentation is hopefully ready to go you’ve got a nice presentation you can put out in five eight minutes at the redemption center – you’re gonna get on par value for the Zim you’ve got really high rates on dinar and Dong and he also great rate on Rupiah a and on the Venezuelan Bolivar everything’s coming together, coming together very nicely.

So we should expect a really good weekend, Next week and all the way through – October is when increases in Social Security will take place when the reclamation restitution and reclamation allowance will be given back to us in the month of October – don’t know when exactly that will take place, but I know it’s supposed to come to us In October

 Other than that, guys, that’s really what we have.  It’s not a ton of Intel, but it’s enough and it’s really what we’re looking forward to. It’s why we waited 12 years on the big call for it. My first experience 19 years of being involved directly in the currencies. So this is our great opportunity to do just continue to save, pay for this and believe for this and go into our humanitarian mode.

Once we come out of redemption center, with a smile on our face, And in our lives. zippered shut did not talk about this was going to be happy, and will be glowing on the inside, and keep things quiet. He can be really quiet. All right. And let’s pray the call in. That’s what I wanted to bring to you tonight. Let’s pray the call in, and then we’ll all look forward to a great weekend.


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