Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 9-28-23


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 9-28-23

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Welcome everybody around the globe to the big call.  It is Thursday, September 28th and you’re listening to the big call. I’m glad to welcome people that may not have heard us before all over as we believe our reach may be the greatest that has ever been. We might being able to track the Starlink satellite system we might be able to be in as many as 206 countries tonight  we will see. I don’t get those numbers till tomorrow or the next day probably.

October 1st is Sunday – So the 3rd  is just getting started in the month of October and you’ll hear me say something in the Intel segment in just a few minutes that will describe how interesting the timing is about October 3rd , which is Tuesday.

All right, so let’s go back. We talked about Iraq, they’ll have their new rate out on Sunday. Whether it goes in the Gazette or not Saturday, doesn’t really matter but it may –  they are, as I mentioned going to be, like the independent nation and a sovereign state. They’re going to evidently talk about that a little bit when they bring their new rate out internationally on Sunday. And so that’s something that we can look forward to

Now, for us, we really, from what we heard today, from our redemption center contacts, we really aren’t looking to get notified over the weekend, anything is possible. We are hearing that we should be -hearing this from Wells Fargo – that we should get notified on Monday. We don’t know what time – remember  Monday would be the second of October and we should get notified – set our appointments for Tuesday the third of October.

So that’s the timing that we have right now. Now if you’re traveling, or you’re about to go on a trip, or you’re going in the hospital, whatever it is, you’re gonna have some time. Once those numbers come out, we expect them to come up Monday. You set your appointment as soon as you can, for a time that you think you’ll be able to make your appointment.

 If you’re out to sea right now and you’re coming back, but you won’t be back till the 5th or the 7th  or whatever – set your appointment for after you’ve come back – give yourself enough time to get settled in and everything organized so that you can not go into the appointment flustered – you’ll go in relaxed and ready to go.

Now one of the things that I’ve just brought to my memory. Each redemption center, And there’s 1000s of them throughout the United States will have 3 Delarue machines – what is the delarue machine?

This is a machine that counts and verifies the currencies, all of them – And that information is fed into a laptop computer and then they go from there – once they’re counting your money – they are tabulating it and tracking it on laptops, in the redemption centers.

So if they’ve got three of those, they’ll probably be able to work with two or three people at a time that each, each person is running  a delarue machine.   And so I just got that – came to me today. I just got that so wanted to bring that up,

Let’s talk about bond holders are supposed to be the last count – they could get their notifications on Sunday – Sunday afternoon. They could get them then – I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re pushed to Monday but right now they’re on Sunday and should have access to funds on Monday.

We’ll see if that holds up. They’ve been moved and pushed along like we have. But we’re hearing that our group  tier 4 or tier 4 A & B should be notified on Monday and go into our appointments on Tuesday – 3rd  of October

Alright let’s talk about timelines – on the 1st  of October, which is Sunday, the USN goes into play in the United States, our new United States asset backed  dollar – our USN –  so that could —— now remember our banks are not open on Sunday. so it may show up on Monday at our banks. Our new currency – I don’t know that – but I know we are on the new USN starting Monday October 1st

 Realize October 1 is the start of the fourth quarter in the United States – So we’ve got three months,  final quarter –  October November December.

Our USD Fiat dollar will no longer be worth anything after January 1st – ON  January 1st – That USD  we are going to have running concurrently with the USN physical currency / folding money you put in your pocket, your wallet, your purse, that will be coming out. And we’ll have that at the redemption centers for us to we’re doing exchanges starting Tuesday.

Okay, so that will be there. We’ll get some of if some wants them the new USN  currency we can get it while we’re doing our appointments. Now, their concept at the redemption centers is going to be to kind of get in and get out.

You know, kind of get it done not a whole lot extra time anything – get it  done and get out in and out is what they’re calling it like in and out for California.

Alright, so think in terms of that in and out and the timing the timeline of this – In October, we should have NESARA and GESARA  announced sometime in the first couple of weeks of October.

In the second week of October is when we believe restitution and reclamation allowance will start. I call it r&r for simplicity reclamation – restitution and reclamation allowance for seniors 60 over again lump sum amounts in the 50 to 60 range gets a total divided over 12 months. Again over 12 months

 And then the 30 to 50 range getting paid over 15 years  – so different ways and the above  70 their lump sum also they get the lump sum and just like you know I’ll get my age group  –

So here’s the thing – that starts the second week in October. Now, Social Security increases to where the maximum if you’re older, I mean 70s 80s If you’re in that age group you can top out at around $5,200 that starts in October.

So whenever you get your Social Security now whatever Wednesday that is the highest paying out with max out  at 5200 dollars, people that are younger, or didn’t put in as much or whatever would be less than that could be in the threes or the fours.

That increase occurs in October and would be that number for October, November and December. three more months, basically of social security –  then it switches over to a different version of the restoration and reclamation allowance being paid out monthly –

 And I don’t know that the numbers change. I’m going to put the number out but that was – in terms of what I’m hearing that will replace Social Security. It would replace it, and it’s a lot more money. It’s a lot more, more than double.

So I don’t want to say the numbers because it might be wrong. I don’t want you guys to yell at me and think that I’ve tried to deceive you with it but it’s really good but it starts in January. This r&r monthly amount  comes out in January.

I’m sorry, I can’t define it better. They didn’t even have a word for it. They don’t even have a word that we know what to call it. Right now. So I’m calling it part of the restoration recommendation allowance we’ll see it’s coming from a different fund. So it’s not from the same fund – whatever it is  I’m fine with that but whatever it is, I’m sure everybody will look forward to receiving it.

Now if you’re below the age of 60 You will be asked to sign something that says that you would continue on your job or get a job and still receive your age group you’re getting paid out monthly, in a lesser age group of 30 to 50 you’re getting paid out also monthly over 15 years. It’s going to be a lot of money, it’s going to be coming in to you – and the temptation would be not to work but if you stop working or you quit, your benefits will stop. You won’t get it any longer.

So it’s an encouragement and enticement incentive for you to keep your job or get a better job.

You know, don’t stop working, keep going because we’re going to need a lot of doing what we’re doing from a humanitarian project point of view – and the jobs that we’re going to have will be good paying jobs. You know that – that’s something we can all look forward to.

All right starting January 1 all currencies around the globe are to be on par with one another.

Okay, that means the same let’s say the Canadian dollar  and the  US dollar the USN – United States Treasury Note –  There’ll be worth the same thing  with one to one.

What about Mexico? They’ve got a peso –  is worth about a nickle? You know, you get about 20 pesos to the dollar. That’s gonna change. The peso  will be worth $1 Starting January, – all currencies that were exchanging or not exchanging, were all level up and my understanding  is that  they all will be worth  the same starting January.

Now. There could be some exceptions or there could be some currencies that are slow on the uptake but at the same time, all countries have been told to mint and print their new currencies that will start January 1. 

Now, mint and print now to be ready for January 1.

And we’ve been minting and printing for quite a while. We’ve got our new coins out and our new money has been for I know at least two years now. And they’re still doing it – printing for us and this money is asset backed. This money is backed by gold or other precious metals, by intellectual property – by oil and nat gas. It’s really, really asset backed

And that’s the point of this whole thing. The whole reevaluation. The whole global currency revaluation – The GCR  is each country has its own assets, and it has its own value as a result.

So we’ll see how that all shakes out. But I’m looking forward to this as much as you guys are – going for us getting notified Monday and setting appointments to start on Tuesday

They will probably go at least 12 to 14 days in the redemption centers. Some may close up early if they just didn’t have enough Zim holders or enough people you know with currency in some parts of the country. It’s a little light and they won’t have they can get knock it out in four or five days. And that’s gonna be that’s gonna be good Let’s, let’s see if there’s anything else it’s pertinent for us.

I think we have what we need right there. I think that’s everything we need to say

 And I think that we’re about to do to get organized. Some of us are moving some of our buying new homes or by buying cars we’re going to be doing need to spend some time once we pay off all of the personal debt that we have anything like that. We’ll be able to move forward. And I’m looking forward to that just like everybody else. We will be in touch with you by email. Because we will not be doing live calls anymore. Like we’re doing tonight. We’ll be doing emails with maybe a podcast.

 So I’m excited guys to say I really truly believe they finally hit the end zone are finally going to be there is all the information ordering is correct and I believe we should be good to go. Starting Monday for notifications and Tuesday and startup exchanges. So let’s believe for that. Let’s pray the call out. Enjoy the weekend. Okay.


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