Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 1-18-24


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 1-18-24

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Welcome, everybody has a big goal tonight – it is Thursday, January 18th and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in wherever you’re listening from. Hopefully all over the globe in as many as 200 countries that we’ve reached in the past and we hope we’re reaching tonight. So thank you Sat  team for hooking us up with that.  Thank you big call universe listeners all around the globe.  Thank you team for moving forward with our call tonight.

Alrighty, let’s see if we’ve got 12 minutes of intel I think we do. Alright guys, let’s jump on in.  Let’s start with Iraq  

we heard from our source one of our contact in Iraq, that one of our contracts – that not only do we have an international rate and an in country rate – which are different – for Iraq – but we also have Iraq trading that rate on the Iraqi dinar internationally in about they’ll just give it about when markets close tomorrow Friday let’s call it banks close around six o’clock –  somewhere in that timeframe  the Iraqi dinar – the new Iraqi dinar rate will be trading internationally –  and that we should see it here – we should see in the US if you’re able to see state for trading purposes  the bank screens on

Now we know where the dinar closed today we know where it was a couple of days ago on Tuesday and it’s still really strong trading range way above the international rates and way above the in country rate for Iraq. That’s just a benefit that we have here in the US, especially at the redemption centers. That’s where the rates will be highest period –  that infinitum.

So that is really cool thing.

Also lets talk about bond holders  moment, bondholders they’ve been waiting just like we have to get access to funds. They’ve been waiting and they should receive something in about 48 hours from this afternoon. Let’s call it Saturday – sometime –  they should be receiving  emails – that give them access to funds – it might be immediate  – Or they might have another date on it.

But I think this last email that they’re expecting for tier three bond holders, or bonds sellers to be more accurate, should have a lot of them know what is in their accounts  – some of them can see what’s in their accounts, and they’ll be able to get access to 10% of their total With this next email that’s coming probably Saturday, it was set in 48 hours from that was earlier this afternoon today. So that’s really good news for them.

And today, there was —  it’s really interesting — from 11 o’clock to a little bit like quarter after two today, Eastern Time, there was a quote unquote final conference call, bringing up all the information and protocols that the redemption centers needed. To have is sort of a it is more or less a call that answer questions literally could answer could ask and answer questions. This was generated from Treasury at Wells Fargo to the redemption centers around I’m gonna say US –

I don’t know if it involved Canada and I still don’t know that. but I know it involves the United States. So we have 11 or 12,000 redemption centers in the United States. so they’re, they’re almost anywhere. They’re everywhere. They’re everywhere. They’re everywhere. So that is really cool. This final and they said it was the last email – Excuse me, that was to go out it was the last  Conference call

That’s a very positive thing. And you know, it’s supposed to go from 11 to one. It went from about 11 to 2 to 2:15 I believe. So you know, that’s, that’s a good long call, the protocols and information – last minute updates, all of that they were going to get today.

Now, where does that put us? All right. here’s where it puts us  – We have two very high  excuse me – Two, very high. Non related bank sources –  unrelated.

One of our very strongest highest banks and sources is saying that we will have our notifications by or before Saturday – this coming Saturday, two days away. And let’s call it a day and a half away.

Not that far, fromwhere we are right now. I don’t know what time that it’s coming in. We don’t get that knowledge. It could be on Saturday, that we actually get notified. but I don’t know when we start. See we could start by setting appointments Saturday and going on Sunday. It’s conceivable we go right through the weekend, Or they may defer to a start on Monday.

I know some of the redemption centers we’ve talked to are ready to start on Monday. Now, they might start sooner, but I think that’s looking really good for us right now.

Let’s see what else —  somebody again did came out and talked about stations at the redemption center. I thought I put that to bed on Tuesday – There are no stations at the redemption center.

Those were for the tier 3 bond holders  – they’re the ones that you know, seven or nine different stations to go through to translate and, and hypothecate their bonds. – it’s not for the redemption centers, please understand that anybody that has been misled by whoever posted that again, posted that in error.  See that’s just deep state doing that

That’s not wise at all –  this is where you’re gonna go into an office – private office, door close and at least one or two delarue machines. They’ll do the KYC for you. They’ll count and verify your currency that they do not leave delarue machine or two – one guy will be doing zim  – one person will be doing zim  and maybe one or two people would be doing other currencies, if it applies .

And you’ve got a US Treasury Marshal there. Keep an eye on things. Okay, so you could be the present of between three and four people across the desk from you. Okay, and that’s it. There’s no stations.

If anybody has change of personalities to come in and reason for you, They can come in and you stay put – Pretty simple, guys. They want you in and out of there in 30 minutes.

Listen to what is to happen –  know your customer –  you have to prove your ID. You have to show them a bill or two if you have it, Have your utility bills, Whatever, Gas Electric phone, whatever bills with an address so they know who you are and where you live in really good stuff  – they got that.

And then you can count and verify all your currencies. and then same thing with your zim – run that through – talking about rates with you, give you the rates that they plan to give you then you got your project – good. then you can make a five to eight min presentation – I mean  5-8 min  that’s it !!.

It’s probably more like five minutes of presentation of your projects. If you’re just gonna have to cut it down. If you’ve got an hour to talk about your project, is you’re not going to have five minutes maybe eight. But give that presentation to him. Leave a copy of your presentation behind so they can run it through the quantum computer and see if there are any duplications across the country with projects, which they will be obviously and we’ll see where that goes where it takes it from there.

Hey we’re not halfway done yet. Then we go from there – We got to talk about setting up your accounts or accounts probably one, one Wells Fargo account. Oh, don’t forget the quantum account that all your deposits go into initially. They go to Q FS account, which I call quantum – oh don’t forget you have a titanium quantum card. It’s not a credit card. It’s an access card that allows you to access your quantum account – and it’s tied to your Wells Fargo account. And later it can be tied up to three banks instead of one bank. It could be tied up to as many as 3 banks. Those three chips

Oh, by the way, don’t forget your biometric fingerprint or thumbprint. It shows us who you are. And by the way, a brand new email brand new password or quantum mechanics. Oh wait a minute. We still have to talk about Wells Fargo account we set that up. Talk to you about that. You can get access to several billion dollars in that you can move from your quantum accounts with your Wells Fargo –

Oh don’r forget you get a – Don’t forget there’s a debit credit card on a master account. let’s call it the primary Wells account -wealth account. you got that set up and then you have to get everything you need for that debit credit card so that you understand that 

 And then don’t forget we go from there. There’s going to be discussion about okay, we’ve already talked about your projects, talked about that.  -We’re gonna talk about a booklet of  55 pages, of people you’re not supposed to give money to – unless you want your account frozen and your funds clawed back – so pay close attention to a 55 page booklet before you go willy nilly on giving money to wrong organizations. And then don’t forget they’re going to give you  a NDA. a non disclosure agreement to read and sign

Also, there’s some cash that you might avail yourself of at the redemption center.

Up to they want to say up to about 3500 bucks not a whole lot, but enough to get a little cash if you’re Caspersen  – then we also got to get the Q phone  given to you at the end – which is something that you take home – to program and play with – not at the center. –  they should be throwing the Q phone at you as they’re kicking you out the door. Picture sort of that last minute toss of the Q phone as you catch it  and just about run through the door on the way out

And then there don’t forget before that is the two page maybe three page pages of perks  bank perks  – benefits for banking with Wells. Should be able  to take them out to do there if you take that home and read them and get in touch with the premier banker in a few days later about those if there’s anything that interests you on that and that and then what else –

Well. Oh Don’t forget you’re going to negotiate or be given an interest rate that you can have where your Wells Fargo account or accounts that you can earn interest on the  money that’s in those accounts – not in the quantum account –  That’s a non interest bearing government backed Treasury backed account

 I’m probably forgetting a couple of steps but that is, you know, I don’t know how long it took me to say that. they’re going to try to activate and do all those things in 30 minutes.

If you have bonds or sheet bonds back to the bonds, they’re gonna allow another 10 minutes for that, that’s a lot you have done in 30 to 40 minutes.

I’m just saying. So, you’re gonna be it’s gonna be a whirlwind –  you want to breathe –  and to try to pay attention to what all going on.

It’s like being in a wedding – Like  the wedding ceremony should have like 20 to 30 minutes and if you are the groom – you don’t know what’s going on, so you have to pay attention  – to see some of the people in the, in the pews or the some of the people in the pews and just go up the aisle and be ready and turn around  and look forward to the  bride coming down the aisle. Boom  So there you go. Beautiful, enjoy it. Look around. Don’t kid around to feel the moment, enjoy the moment. That’s what this is going to be like –  I’m going to try to enjoy it even though I can’t see. I’m going to enjoy the moment and try to enjoy what’s happening all around me.Can be crazy. It’s gonna be fun.

Now the real fun is when you have all that paperwork and all your account information. You got your credit debit card, quantum card –  Don’t lose your quantum account card, even in a super safe place. It’s not used to charge things It’s only used to move funds from your quadric out to your Wells account , in this case, could be to one or two other banks but now we’re talking moving to Wells. Okay.

So that, in a nutshell is what you’re going to be experiencing in a whirlwind it’s going to be  a lot – And when you walk out of the redemption center  – you get back into your car – anyone you walk out. You get back in your car and drive off. You know, you’ve got, you know, you have to just think about what you’re doing where you’re going. What happens now. What’s my next step? What’s the next phase?

Have you ever wondered? What it would be like to go through this process? Come out and then go Oh, thank you Jesus  – Oh, my God. Now what? What next? What about the rest of my life? What about the rest of this year?

Do I Do I have what I need  – is there anything I need to know or learn about my next six months or my next year? After going through that experience? Well, if you’re like most people, there’s a lot you need to learn and there’s a lot you need to be exposed to.

I hope I gave you some idea of what you’re going to  experience at the redemption centers. The rates are definitely  higher than the banks they’ve been done that way on purpose – use the toll free number that you’ll get in the mail so be released.

We expect to have them by Saturday. And we also know that everything is supposed to be released  -That would be the intermediaries – we talked about –  fines – interest and penalties  – CMKX – adjudicated settlements – farm claims – ranch claims , that large church group which I believe is the Mormons  – have already together and prosperity  packages are supposed to be released –  I’m going to say Friday. overnight tonight or Friday. I can’t remember exactly. But be looking for them?

The best information from two unassociated sources was that it would be that we would have them on or by Saturday, which is jacked up as I’ve ever been For this to finally come through. I believe we’re on it. we’re on the last quarter mile of our race. and I think we’re we’re almost home.

But this is really I think we’re we’re coming down to the very last.

I can’t think of there’s anything else. It’s urgent. Remember guys being very careful what you’re reading out there. Evidently, every once in a while you get something of value online where you get something of value in telegram but most of the time there’s something there’s some something not quite right. And I think we could be looking at the political games we wanted and everything else coming up very soon.

I don’t have a timeframe on it. Exactly anymore. I’m tired of putting out dates that don’t happen, but feeling pretty confident about what’s happening. by Saturday for us. in tier four, the bondholders should be notified Saturday, and all of those intermediaries and bondholders Those funds should be flowing with emails on Saturday

So let’s take it all the way into prayer. Is pray ourselves out -I want to thank the sat team for getting the signal out all over the globe. Thank you very much for that again – Also thank you so much big call universe for listening – For being there for us all these coming into our in our 13th year now.

And this should be it guys – this should be our last call.  All right, guys. Thanks so much. Let’s pray the call out tonight,

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