Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 1-9-24


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 1-9-24

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Welcome everybody does a big call tonight is Tuesday, January 9, and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in,  wherever you are all over the globe, where the Sat team may be reaching you by satellite to your email that you’re clicking on and listening to the big call – in real time with automatic translation in three seconds after I say it, it comes to you in your own language all across the globe. Pretty cool. So we’re happy for that. Thank you Sat team for hooking us up.   

All right let’s talk about where the Intel takes us today and where it puts us. I’m going to start with Let’s start with Iraq.

We had not had the Iraqi dinar in its new version as the new Iraqi dinar with the new rate on the Forex.  I thought it would come up Sunday when Forex came back up at five o’clock Eastern, but it did not. And the thinking was, it would come up from people that we’ve talked to in Iraq, we would actually be on the Forex this morning. Tuesday morning.

Now I haven’t been able to confirm that yet. But it should have been up on the Forex tradable as a legitimate currency instead of an exotic currency, a real real bonafide currency.

So we’ll see what happens on that. But in that regard, you guys remember long time ago, I think it’s been at least two years ago. We talked about the Iraqi Stock Exchange and ISX and its connection to the NASDAQ.

And by the way to trade Iraqi stocks or stocks on the ISX would be to do through its sister exchange here in the States, which is the NASDAQ – now the theory is because I haven’t been able to prove it for me, but that Iraqi dinar is tradable in some form or fashion on the ISX, which now makes it tradable on the NASDAQ. But I’m not sure in what sense I’m not sure in what capacity that is unless it’s just the trade of of stocks that are on the Iraqi stock exchange.

So that has been happening. I believe. I don’t know exactly when that started. But I believe it’s been that way for a few days anyway. And now we’ll have to see. See this a big deal about whether the dinar made its way to the to the Forex is which is the foreign currency exchange system, which creates quite a bit of currency every day.

It was sort of in the vicinity  $4 billion a day maybe that’s a low number, but it seems like that made it  known worldwide globally by people in the financial trade or trade business. So we’ll see if we get proof that did happen? But I think it probably did. Because tomorrow, which is Wednesday the 10th of January, tomorrow, the all the banks around the globe are supposed to be fully interconnected and using the quantum financial system, including us in this country, our accounts that have been mirrored on the QFS would essentially be fully integrated on the QFS as of some tomorrow.

So that’s a big thing that’s happening globally On the 10th which is tomorrow.

Then we look at okay, that’s good. What about the 11th ? That is Thursday? Well, Thursday, we’re supposed to have announcement or announcements made regarding NESARA and possibly GESARA, but in this country, we primarily concerned with NESARA to be made on Thursday to bring I don’t know how deep they’re going to be. I don’t know when you know just exactly how deep how many things. we could talk about five or six different things about NESARA right now, and just barely be scratching the surface.

If you guys know more about it than everybody else does it’s going to include, you know, our restitution reclamation allowance, it would include new gold backed / asset currencies. Here GESARA with include the rest of the globe on that. and it’s going to include, you know, the fact that we’re no longer supposed to be paying federal income tax – that’s going to be gone under NESARA  – the sort of quite a few things you guys remember – the flat tax  14 / 15 % on new items collected at the state level –  and they split with fed gov – to help support state interests and projects  – so that’s a new thing – to change our tax structure like that – and get the information     are supposed to be going away from merritime law – to constitutional law, or common law.

That’s another part of it. I mean, there’s so many aspects of this, that we might get a few announcements Thursday.

And I don’t know exactly who’s gonna make them. Do we get the political change we thought about on Thursday, I’ve heard that possible. Do we have the overturn of the elections of 2020 By then, I’ve heard that’s possible. So who knows? You know, guys, we have had some dates come and go. No, there’s no question about it. We’ve had things happen. We’ve had things that are moving us toward this goal, you know, for a while now, and even the fact that our redemption centers and banks actually have the new USN currency.

And also, the new USN money has been transported to the redemption centers for us. We all know these – Well, these things have happened  what else happened?  yesterday morning the Redemption Center leaders and bank managers, at least in one area of the country – want to say it’s multiplied all throughout the country -of the US went in to put in their individual access codes and submit those to Treasury. And that was yesterday around let’s say 1130 noon, on the east coast.

I think they did it that way so the oldest banks across the country and redemption centers remember, everybody we have over 10,000 Redemption centers – maybe more – than like 11,000 redemption centers in the United States.

So that the the leaders of those redemption centers, the bank managers all put in their access codes. And now all they were waiting for is some form of return that gives them the green light from Treasury to proceed – and for the Treasury to give the Wells Fargo servers the green light to send out the emails for us in tier 4B and also tier 4A to receive the toll free number to call  and set appointments  at the Center for this and begin our exchanges and redemption of zim

So —  that happened yesterday morning – now they know  in other words the redemption center leaders and the bank managers throughout the country essentially are done getting their part of this equation Finished.  Now it’s up to Treasury when they want to give it to get it to get the green light placed for everything to begin and for us to get our numbers coming out – by email to us and we can take that and set our appointments  begin exchanges.

So that’s where we are in the proximity we go on to bondholders, bondholders have received word that they have received – Some of them have emails going and whether they have access to funds. And some of them are still waiting on emails to let them know that. I think some of them have their emails and the majority of it, bondholders would probably get their emails overnight tonight or tomorrow to give them access to their accounts. Remember the bondholders and get access to 10% of their total in their bond accounts – And then they’ll have the remaining 90% accessible, I believe in 90 days. That’s how it’s been set up for the bond holders.

So when are we going to be notified?

I think let me put it this way, the bond holders could get their emails tonight or tomorrow. When I talk about shotgun start – I’m talking about tier 3 – when I mentioned the bondholders  –  we’re in tier 4B was what the admirals groups and some of the others are in 4A  –

but I believe what’s going to happen  is once the bondholders received those emails to give them access to funds – if we are in a shotgun start – what they said could take 12 to 14 hours for the rest of them to get what tier three already received. And that was their email notifications. So we figured 12-14 hours after bondholders are notified, we could get notified. So we’ll see how that works out for us. But I think that’s how close we are –

Now with what’s going on with the Q FS tomorrow and what’s going on Thursday with the NESARA announcements we are expecting I mean, it looks like we’re right smack dab in the middle of it – looks like we are right there.

Now – Remember this is the information that I’m getting. I’m not changing that. I’m bringing it out to you as my best recollection is that I’ve received it. So obviously, we want I keep telling to I said you know it’s we don’t need any new Intel. We just need the intel that we’re going to come true because I’ve told you guys a lot of things over the last 12 years  now we are in our the start of our 13th year –  start with for the year that have come true. But the one thing we all want, is what’s the timing for us?

You know, what’s our date and we have to start – obviously I know that – you know that – , I  know that everybody does. That’s true. And that’s the thing we haven’t had accurate predictions  of for the last  12 years, but we are every every day every week – We are closer, closer and closer, and things are happening so that I know about him. or tell you about we’re not behind the scenes. For example, we got word from some of our military contacts  stats, that there is a major concentration on international arrests.

And there has been a major deal for arrests to take place in United States and So called clean up on aisle three by Oh four, five, etc. is ongoing. It’s ongoing and internationally – It’s on like crazy, like regardless. So they’re not putting up with a whole lot resistance either by the way. So, have we gone far enough. For this could start for us. Do we have enough arrest. Let’s call it in the bag.

Yeah, we’re at 83 – 85 %  Maybe in fact, in the United States and probably 55 – 60%  internationally. But that’s enough for us to move forward. With what we understand  is our timing for the release – the green light – to be turned on by treasury.

For the admiral to get the funding. He’s already funded the accounts, – the understanding is they just need to notify the account holders that they have access to their funds, much like the bondholders need to be able to they are accounts and they need to be notified the bank and have access to those funds.

So that in a nutshell is where we are in this plan, as far as I can tell. That is roughly especially Wednesday and Thursday. There are some things that are talked about and talked about the 17th  which is a week from tomorrow regarding the USN  being made known as our new currency. And that’s possible.

Are there other announcements that are gonna come out here, they’re related to other things like the Epstein papers, and that whole deal. That is a major major deal that’s going to put out for now and this summer, but I don’t know how much but when it does come out, you’ll read a lot of everything that I wanted to say.

Alright, so that’s what I wanted to say. talking about tonight was great on the call, and then we’ll go and we’ll see what develops over the next couple of days.

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