Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 10-10-23


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 10-10-23

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It is Tuesday, October the 10th and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in wherever you are around the globe. Last Thursday, we hit a peak of 198 countries with at peak time 28 point 5 million listeners.

So we really had a good reach. I think that was a record for us on last Thursday’s call so I have no idea how we’re gonna go a far we’re going to reach out tonight but we’ll see what happens. Anyway, we slice it. Thank you so much for listening everybody thanks for coming in

So let’s go into some intel.  We have been told to be ready at any moment for notifications to come out. That was told to us this morning very early.   Now, there are some political changes, I believe, that will start tomorrow  that will take place we are hearing starting tomorrow –

We are looking for a new speaker of the house, we think that’s Jim Jordan. And we also are looking for something to come out of Chief Justice Clarence Thomas with the Supreme Court – that decision, and I believe Brunson might be part of that, that he brings up.

Like we’ve been told it would so we’ll see because we’ve also been told by bond paymasters, that went in today with certain bondholders they’ve got a little bit of money more or less walking around money, we call it but they were told that they would be able to have access to the majority of their funds within the next three days. So I read that is within either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Now we tend to parallel what’s going on with the bond holders – We’ve also moved to look for this in the next three days for our notifications Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

If that occurs, we should be in pretty good shape between now and Friday.

It’s just that it’s just guys we are just right on the edge of it. We’ve been told this thing is imminent. it’s right there. Everything’s done.

I wonder whether or not what’s happening in Israel is a factor or not. You would think it would be a factor but we were told two days ago, what was happening in Israel was about a prisoner swap between Israel and Palestine and maybe one or two other countries with Israel.

Now, we understand that under just sorrow, countries need to be at peace they need to return or for prisoners of war to their proper countries. And we know that has happened in most cases. But this is one I think it’s coming down to that happening, which which started two nights ago, two nights ago, which would have been Tuesday night overnight. So is that is that accomplished that week?

 I don’t know that yet. We’re not going to know that necessarily. But I’m looking forward to all of that. And we know that there’s always clean up to take place. And the majority of that I think has been done to where we’re able to move forward. Our military and our National Guard are stationed and prepared for any hotspots, political hotspots in the country. And I believe that they’re going to be able to minimize any effects from the political turnover.

We’ll see what it looks like. We do believe that there’s a possibility that they would use the Emergency Alert System, the Emergency Broadcast System, and the emergency wireless system EWS with any announcements  as early as tomorrow. It could be on those networks and it mainstream media, television is reluctant to put this out I think they have the military has an alternative means to make that happen.

So we are right in the midst of it right now. And this is a this is really an interesting time for us. I know you guys had the faith or you wouldn’t have had the faith to believe in what we all believe in is going to take place with this resetting of global currencies. And there is just so much happening right now to make everything come together.

My understanding is that the global financial system through the quantum financial system has been completely connected interconnected with all the banks around the globe. They did get that complete. So in a startling system, I believe is up and ready to go and they’ll be increasing our speed on our cell phone service and our internet through this month – More like middle and end of October.

I told you guys last Tuesday what to expect in terms of increases in Social Security this month. And also in terms of getting the r&r, the institutional and reformational allowance is looking like right now, unless nothing changes. We are set to get those lump sums coming in for age group of 60 and older about the 18th or 25th of this month of October and that would be over a three month period of three equal payments of that lump sum divided by three paid out over the next three months, including October.

So we’ll see how this all comes together. It’s a lot to get done. I believe they’re pretty much on course. But we’ll see if if there’s any delay other than where we are right now. We kind of thought we would be notified by the day yesterday or today. And we didn’t get notified. But and then the bondholders were also told they were expecting full liquidity today. And they were just given a little bit today.

But they were told they would have their funds within the next three days Wednesday. Thursday, Friday. That’s what we’re looking for for them. And it’s also what we’re looking for, for our notifications and start of our exchanges within the next three days. Let’s see what manifests. Let’s see what happens.

So that’s what I wanted to bring to you guys tonight. And let’s go ahead and pray the call out and we’ll take it from there. Okay, thanks everybody again for listening. I hope we got a good reach tonight around the globe. Let’s pray the call out


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