Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 12-5-23


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 12-5-23 

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It’s Tuesday, December 5th  and you’re listening to the big call. Thank you all over the globe wherever you’re hearing us.

Our sat team is going to do their very best to get this call out to 200 countries tonight. And so we’re excited about that looking forward to a big reach tonight on the call. And this could be a record audience. We’ve had as many as 18 /19 million listeners before. So maybe tonight we’ll set a new record. Well, maybe we’ll even break 28 million. we’ll see what happens..

Okay, let’s go into this other segment of intel that I wanted to mention.  All right. Now let’s talk a little bit more about the intel that we’re getting.


This has been a long ride you guys. And you know we’ve been faked out a number of times, thinking that this was going to go even Tuesday, or that it was gonna go yesterday or today. All we can say is the information is coming from redemption centers. Oh by THE WAY — if you don’t believe in redemption centers and you don’t believe in the 800 number – You just are Sol – you’re out in left field and you have no clue whatsoever.

 And I’m talking to somebody who had actually has had a call longer than I have. But he still doesn’t get it. He still doesn’t understand that there are 7000 redemption centers  that are centers in the United States alone.   There’s another 1200 or 1400 redemption centers in Canada.

They’re under the auspices of HSBC but our centers in the United States are overseen by Wells Fargo. They’re the lead bank and that’s who we talked to – we have other bank contacts that we talked to that Wells is the top dog when it comes to the redemption centers and they are overseeing all the redemption centers in the United States.

Now, we also know a person at the redemption center that is in charge of putting out the schedule to all of the workers at all 7000 redemption centers.

So we kind of know what’s going on In terms of the toll free number coming out. We know that we have six regional call centers that will be taking our calls when we get the 800 number

And the 800 number will come from Wells Fargo servers in Atlanta, and it will be coming very shortly. And I’ll tell more about that in a second. So this is for people that might be dissuaded to think that, that there’s there’s no 800 number for the redemption centers.

I beg to differ with you because you’re not in the know whatsoever. you have no clue whatsoever.

So this number is coming out to us in the form of an email.

And it’s coming out based on the timing that I’m about to tell you. One thing that we got today, which was very interesting, was the  Hannity  interview with President Trump at the rally in Davenport, Iowa, when that interview was halfway over – In other words, halfway complete  – then the notifications to bondholders to give them their notification of when they could get access to funds was coming out and our notifications would start to come out tonight.

And that’s going to be really interesting. We should have this thing come to us overnight, or wake up to it in the morning . And we should be able to exchange tomorrow. Maybe as early as lunchtime.

Now –  that’s what I  wanted to tell you that’s why even though I haven’t heard the President Trump said during this Hannity segment –  thing – I did want to go ahead and record it so I can watch it tonight.

Bondholders are to be emailed to give them access to funds ostensibly would be tomorrow. And  the intermediaries are also to be paid out. When this thing is triggered. It was being told me that it was to be the admission of everything going.

The first half of the Hannity show tonight with President Trump During that first half the arrest were going to ramp up – take advantage of  that time to pick up the people they needed to up still  -fortunately about 80% of the arrests are complete that they want to do –  and the remaining they are aware of but they feel like we have the security to move forward and go for our exchanges.

So you’ve got the intermediaries including CMKX , including the adjudicated settlements, fines – interest and penalties, including the farm claims the ranch claims, all of those intermediary groups as they’re called, including the large, extra large church groups. all of that included should be paid out starting tonight.

Now it may take a while to get to all of those. And the prosperity packages are also in that group of intermediaries but I don’t know that they’re going to those for the most part, I believe still going to be delivered prosperity packages, either by FedEx or possibly by county sheriff that kind of a thing , We’ll see how those go.  But we’re all concerned about the start of our exchanges, which should be starting tomorrow.

Let’s talk about restitution and reclamation allowance.

The timing, the adjusted timeframe for that is to start on the seventh of December, which is Thursday and go through the 13th which is next Wednesday. So the seventh to the 13th is when we’re supposed to receive our restitution and reclamation allowance.

Remember, if you’re age 62 and older, it would be a lump sum. And it would come as a one lump sum payment sometime within that week of the seventh through the 13th of December. If you’re younger than that, I believe you’ll get your money paid out over a one year period of time.

I’m not positive on that yet. but I believe it starts age 30 to 50 age 50 to 61 are two groups, but I believe they’re all gonna be paid out over a year’s time per month, so much per month for 12 months. So let’s see what happens with that

The Supreme Court was supposed to rule today between 430 and 530 Eastern Time today about the illegality or unconstitutional aspect of our tax system. That’s part of NESARA So they brought if they brought that out as we were told – will, between 435 30 Eastern, we should find out about it pretty soon. And that means we should not have any federal personal income tax, or what I understood today. no federal corporate income tax either.

And then plus not being taxed. On this these exchanges that we do a redemption of Zim are not taxable and we should not pay interest on the money that is earned. That we are from a on our exchange balances that are in our bank accounts should be tax free.

So the only thing we’ll go to is a consumption tax, which will be collected at the state level and a certain amount will go to the federal government a certain amount will stay with states. we’ll see what that looks like.

All right. So very exciting time for us, you guys. Remember we have been faked out before. Let’s believe and pray that this intel comes true and we get everything that we’ve talked about. Remember the increase in Social Security. I don’t know for sure if it’s going to happen in the month of December I heard it would.

So we’ll see tomorrow. First Social Security day of the month. it’s always the first second third or fourth Wednesday of the month that says Social Security –  check to see if you get an increase in tomorrow’s Social Security if you’re in the first week.

Last week, I don’t think I’ll see you next month but maybe, maybe I’ll have an increase this month.

It won’t matter though. will it that much. it’s gonna be nice but don’t matter that much. All right, so what else is happening?

I think that’s it you’ve got a Lahyena. You’ve got the Supreme Court  was supposed to rule on today. One other piece – President Trump, you know a lot of the military referred to him as the boss man or us, man. The latest information we had today. Should be back over the weekend. This coming weekend.

Let’s see what happens. Let’s pray for that to happen. That would be a wonderful, wonderful way to celebrate this weekend. All right. You guys have a lot to deal with.

All right. so let’s take that. Let’s take this and let’s roll with it. Let’s see what happens.  Great. thanks for our staff and see Let’s see if we can continue to prayfor what we are looking forward to


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