Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 2-20-24


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 2-20-24

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Welcome to the big call everybody. Glad to have you here. and glad that Sue and Bob are here to support me in the big call and to get the information that we want to get out to you tonight. I think it’s going to be a really good call. I know I’m looking forward to my Intel segment. I always look forward to Sue and Bob. But before we go any further, let’s pray in the call

 So let’s see. Thank you, Bob for very much for that. That’s excellent. All right guys time to go into the intel portion of the call tonight. I told you guys I was a little bit excited, a little bit feisty earlier because I’m just I just know we’re, we’re getting down to the wire on this thing.

And I have a theory. I’m going to tell you my theory in a moment.

But I know that we were looking for our notifications according to the information that we’ve had come to us. We were looking at gotta get notified today

We didn’t get notified today. But I have a theory. First of all, let’s talk about what’s been happening since Sunday

Prime minister of Iraq met with our President Trump for a couple of hours in an undisclosed location on Sunday afternoon and they were discussing the fact when Prime Minister, Sudani of Iraq was going to fly back to Iraq that afternoon –

Whenever he got in on Sunday supersonic jet, I don’t know that absolutely. But when he was to get back he was going to announce to the entire country of Iraq they were indeed a sovereign nation and had a  sovereign currency –  once that occurred, that announcement, we would have simultaneous announcement here, but our announcement would be made – not quite sure who was going to be make it but was to be made to banks and to our redemption centers,  and other institutions – with other officials dealing with currency exchanges that the sovereign nation and as a sovereign currency,

 and that once those announcements were made, we felt like we were good to go and get ready to get started. Now tonight’s Tuesday –  we haven’t started yet. But we know that we’ve checked with certain banks and certain banks, like Chase and Wells have the dinar, for example is one of our currencies on the front screens of the banks and they are going up they’re moving up, they’re rising in value.

But there the last time we checked, the bank screens rates were flashing – when a rate is flashing and not stable – In other words, it’s not just the rate itself on the screen, but when it’s flashing on and off, it’s flashing on auto. It’s flashing it means that it’s not quite ready for exchange, not quite ready to be exchanged.

Because we checked with certain banks that know this, and they have this and it’s not quite ready now. So we’re waiting according to the latest information that we have from redemption centers and banks, that they’re waiting for the green light to come in the form of an email from Wells Fargo, corporate New York.

When that email comes in to the redemption centers, they will know that it’s time to go it’s time to start. But that’s got to come from Treasury to Wells Fargo corporate office in New York.

And from New York, it comes down to the redemption center leaders that would get those emails and be able to say it’s time to go or such and such a time is delta.

That point we would say that our notifications would be released from Wells Fargo servers and we would get our 800 numbers included in those emails. And we would also get a heads up and have our 800 number on the big call website as well as be able to send out and an email a bulk mail that we would do to the people who have registered on our website. Okay, so that’s kind of a scenario there.

Now. Here’s some other information and then I’ll give you my theory

we have been told that with dates of February 22, which is Thursday, two days from now – to the end of the month, which since we’re in Leap Year this year, has been February 29, which is a Friday – On the 22nd through the 29th is supposed to be the time when a lot of NESARA is starting to be released.

Now, here’s where I’m going with this. That’s two days away. The start of it doesn’t mean it happens on the 22nd but it can start anywhere from the 22nd through the 29th –  are supposed to get the R&R, the restitution and reclamation allowance. and it’s going to really be a wonderful thing for a lot of people, seniors 62 and older will get as a lump sum. And then younger people would get it over a period of probably two years divided over two years.

Now this is a big deal for a lot of people especially who are not in the currencies like we are  – it’s going to be a big deal and and I’ll get to my theory here because I think I’m tying it all together. So we’re supposed to receive by the 29th could be on the 29th Anytime, by or before the 29th from the 22nd through the 29th are  supposed to hear something about our USTN – United States Treasury notes.

USTN – United States Treasury notes is what would be on our new currency as opposed to Federal Reserve note Remember the Fed is dead. Is that absorbed was a remnant of it was absorbed by the US Treasury as was the IRS.

Okay, so all of those aspects of NESARA I don’t know that they’re all gonna make it out. in that week of the 22nd through the 29th. but at least some of them should come out in that period.

And we are supposed to receive let’s call it the first fruits of our reclamation, restitution and reclamation allowance – it’s supposed to happen in that timeframe –  Now it may happen all at the end of the month – I don’t know But in that week it’s supposed to come out.

All right. well, here’s what my grand theory is coming in.

We heard from two separate sources  this evening before the big call that   the — say this, that we should be getting notifications or put it  this way, how it was said to both of these sources. they’re going to try to bring out our notifications Tomorrow, which is Wednesday.

Okay, try to bring those out to us tomorrow. We’re hearing this out of Reno. we’re also hearing this out of Geneva our two different sources.  I’m thinking – okay, that’s good – that’s working with Bruce theory.

And here’s where I’m going with it.

If the R&R and the NESARA and everything that we look for in it starts coming out on the 22nd which is two days from now Thursday.  and we were to be notified Tomorrow, Wednesday – But we get notified and start our exchanges even Thursday, which is Charlie Ward’s day -is that what we do  – do we get notified tomorrow, start our exchanges on Thursday, and essentially join the NESARA activity with R&R in the USTN

And Everything else that is coming out as part of that NESARA week. Let’s call it  – it’s possible isn’t it. That’s only a working theory. I don’t have I made that up. I don’t have that from anybody else. But it makes me think hey, listen, I want to get notified and start tomorrow.

I don’t need us to start on Thursday.

But yes, we do get notified tomorrow. Could we set our appointments tomorrow and start them on Thursday? Just saying?    I don’t know. We’ll see.

I hope that it comes through for us Wednesday, Thursday or Wednesday. But I was encouraged to find out that we actually were tone reading time source that they were going to try to get out the notifications tomorrow which is Wednesday.

So we don’t have the time. So when just that we will see if that is the case.

And I like the fact that we’re getting R & R  on because anybody at the age of 21 and above will get some form of compensation from this plan of NESARA –because R&R

 Now, the older folks 62 and older will get a lump sum. Those that are 21 will get like an annual stipend. It’s pretty decent amount of money. I’m not gonna go into the amounts because this thing has changed every which way from Sunday. It’s just changing. I don’t want to put something out and have it be changed. But you’ve got that happening. And then you’ve got the seniors and 62 and above getting their lump sum and getting some kind of annual or monthly stipend as well.

The whole thing’s probably graduatedfrom  21 and on up , but we’ll have to see how it actually comes out. We’ll see –  say if you’re 62 and above and already receiving Social Security, like many of us are you will receive this amount as your lump sum. As we understand it is coming to your bank account where your Social Security is now going to that same bank account – because they had that information already.

So I think that’s amazing. We knew it was coming sooner or later and we’ve been talking about it for three months now. But it looks like they’re finally ready to do it at the very end the last week of February this month.

So I’m excited about it. I’m excited about the start and excited about us possibly getting our notification to Set our appointments tomorrow. And I’m excited about —  seeing here’s my theory, if we have and we actually start on Thursday, and some of the other RNR starts going out to people on Thursday.

 It is kinda like we’re doing the party with joining what’s happening for the rest of those that don’t have any currency. They’re gonna have some real money but as real as owners, but it’ll be real it’ll be it’ll be decent, especially  seniors -since they’re going to be getting the mother lode of R&R. Everybody will be getting something and it’s gonna seem like everybody is part of the same thing.

Even though our exchanges and our redemption of zim is far and above higher and greater than that they’re going to be getting with R&R but it’s it’s I can see them merging these in the same timeframe so that everybody is getting the same thing. That’s my theory. We’ll see we’ll see what happens. I don’t have to be right. I do not have the right to get it tomorrow and start tomorrow. But whatever happens, we’re close. That’s how close we are to everything happening now.

Guys I could go into greater depth on any number subjects like the exchange and what that’s gonna look like. All I can say is you’ve heard it if you listen to a call for any length but you know what to do. You know it’s going to go quick. That’d be a 30 minute appointment – they want to get most of us in and out of there in that amount of time.

If you have bonds, tell them that you have sheet bonds, being a box box –  sheet bonds, like whatever number bonds, you got railroad bonds, whatever they are just tons of different kinds of bonds. If you haven’t already exchanged those bonds, then bring them with you to the redemption center. They can handle it there. But you got to let them know that you add them so when you’re setting your appointment for you know, presume and for dinar and Dong and rupiah  every other currency that we might have, that might be in the first basket. Let them know that I have sheet bonds and let us know how many you got 20 sheet bonds or a box of bonds. Let them know that because there’s no need to allow your time for you to 30 minutes.

There’ll be at least 40 minutes that want to knock out all of us bonds and currency in 40 minutes. Challenge I really do think it’ll be tough. But this is not going to be this laid back Sit, sit around, put your feet up on a desk table and this is let’s let’s knock this out with it was going to be flashed you have to set up your quantum account that set up your Wells Fargo account giving you a credit debit card with that knocked down.

They’re gonna also I mean, they have to go through and qualify who you are at the beginning. And then we’re going to take the currency that you have and when it’s ready to do – run that through the delarue machines, multiple machines in some cases will have two to three to four people working with you on your appointment.

No you don’t rotate you stay put rotate to you. You’re gonna get saved hopefully five minutes to give a quick synopsis of your projects and how you plan to increase your increase hiring people, increase job creation, whatever your project is about relating to that. that did an event with him. And then you’ll also get your account set up, and oh  by the way here’s a change. 

If you………..  two – things I want to bring out.

Remember we talked about getting $6,500 in cash 3000 in cash – it’s down to 500 in cash, they don’t want you walking out with over $500 And it might be Fiat dollars. It might not be the new USTN currency – our new money. It could be in some cases it might not be it might be the same fiat currency  we are carrying now.

Don’t think you’re gonna walk out of there with a wad of money 500 bucks. So five bills you walk out with? That’s good.

And then the other thing is if you’re only exchanging currency and no Zim and no bonds, guess what? No NDA for you know, NDA for you know symphony or knowing that you will not have to sign an NDA if all you have is dinar or Dong or rupiah or Afghani or Bolivar, or anything – unless you have  Zimbabwe notes that we have. Or you have bonds, bonds or zimbabwe notes, which sign an NDA is at least 30 days, or there’ll be another 90 – 120 days. They’re gonna make that judgment.

They are judging you based on how you come across at the appointment – if they think you are a chatty Kathy  going to be spreading all kinds of stuff.over social media – Which you are not then you will probably end up with  only a 30 day NDA, but if they look at you as like, oh, I don’t know about this one. I don’t know if they’re gonna be able to keep their mouth shut, but probably put you on a longer NDA

Remember, once you get in your quantum accounts you and the quantum financial system you’re going to get access to up to $10.5 billion on day one, to put into a what I call a What am I calling it? Kind of a master account with Wells Fargo.

Your primary account was one I’ve been using that term primary account. You set that up and everything moves from your quantum account using your cue card that has it’s three times thicker than credit cards made of titanium. It’s got a three chips embedded in it. That gives me basic information on you. Your system, the biometric fingerprint is in there. All of that will allow you to move money to  – is to move one more quantum account which nobody sees but you – your quantum account to your primary Wells account.

Then you go from there, and you can move money from – listen- That’s for the first 90 days after 90 days after the exchange and again you have access to all of it. all of the remaining funds in your quantum financial account. So I hope that’s everything and I hope you’ve got all that.

You also get you’re gonna get a debit credit card from Wells think it would be a gold card. So that’s going to be good do not want it to be too flashy. Like a black card would be too flashy. You wouldn’t want to do that. Because then people who see the black card Oh, look at that guy. He got Money -. I’m gonna follow him out.

Oh no, you didn’t — you want to use a car that’s a little bit more chilled out – a gold for me. I got a gold card, a gold card would be good.

We’ll see what happens you know and then you get to use and you can spend — oh listen to this. I just got this tonight too. You can. You can have up to $2.1 billion on your credit debit card 1.8 billion with it. You know that’s a lot of details to put on your on your credit debit card. So you wouldn’t want to load that much on it unless you’re I don’t know why you want to load that much on it. but they do have that limit.

So you know about no NDA for most of you don’t have zim those years, then your NDA

after the 90 day, and by the way, they’re tracking every transaction you make with your card, every nickel you spend, they’ll track it and if you’ve given it to the wrong type of people, or the wrong organization, They’re going to stop it in its tracks.

And probably freeze your primary account in the process.

So don’t be stupid and give your money to some stupid organization. You know, because they’re watching you. They’re gonna watch every transaction you make from here, as long as you live, you’ll be monitored so you don’t spend it in the wrong to the wrong people. You don’t give it to the wrong people say How will I know what you’ll know? Because the first time you’ll get a warning The second time they freeze your account.

So be careful who you donate to be careful who you wire funds to. Just be careful how you use and spend the money you’re wide open  to spend it  but just just be careful that you don’t go to the wrong side of humanity.

Alright, I’ve said enough. That’s it. Let’s do this Call out. and then we’ll look forward to a possible notification tomorrow.

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