Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 2-27-24


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 2-27-24   

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Welcome everybody to the big call tonight. It is Tuesday, February 27TH  and you’re listening to the big call. Welcome everybody all around the globe, wherever you are, Thank you Sat team  for making the show available to as many as 198 or 199 countries all around the globe, we’re very thankful for that. So, before we get started on the call, we like to pray the call in.

I don’t know how many more calls we’re gonna have – we may have a call Thursday we may not – we’ll see – but I can tell you as we jump into the Intel portion of the call – Oh boy, I got some intel 10 minutes before the big call started tonight. But I think we’ll clarify our position right now and where we are and where we’re going with this.

First of all, when we go back, we always like to retract a little bit just like Bob said – You know, it’s five days between Thursday nights call  and Tuesday, and a lot of stuff can transition in those 5 days.

We don’t  always  bring it all up. But we know for example, that the banks were clearing their books. Banks were clearing their books of their USD in the banks that started Saturday afternoon and then went through Sunday and supposedly finish yesterday late afternoon.

The clearing of the books is in preparation for the USN to go in. Now all of our accounts have been mirrored on the quantum financial system, meaning they see them there – they’re there. Everything’s cool. and we will transition to the US N designation on our accounts. And it’s no big deal. You go from USD to the USN? Well actually it is a big deal because we’re going to an asset backed currency.

And I don’t know when they’re going to announce that it should be  a part of NESARA – which this should transition and take place. From Friday – rather Thursday 29th into Friday, the first of March.

Okay, so, however that happens when we get an announcement on it. We don’t get to whatever happens on that USN. that’s when we’re supposed to see something. And also, what we have heard is that the USTN which is our physical, new money – United States Treasury note – that USTN is supposed to be We’ve heard in the  ATM machines on Thursday the 29th. Now, we’ll see if that happens  –  here in the US. We’ll see if that  happens.

That would be a major change to see the new money in the ATMs. We’ll see what happens guys this. this information is what I’ve received over the last couple of days. And as you guys know, this target sometimes moves on us, and sometimes we get a change in dates for things that happen. All right.

For example – We heard there was supposed to be a major announcement made today – it looks like it’s been deferred to tomorrow afternoon. We’ll see what how that looks what that looks like.

We know they’re in preparation for our new money USTN our new digital designation of USN on our accounts. And I think we should get something on that – Certainly by the weekend, and what we’re hearing is that everything is supposed to be visible for us and everything is supposed to roll out to us on Friday, the first of March.

Now that means we could get our notifications Thursday, which is the 29th of February.

But it looks like we’re going to get started with the rollout of everything coming in to the bondholders receive their  funds for us to get our exchanges and redemption of Zim started on the first of March

Now we had heard Wednesday to Thursday, Wednesday, notifications, Thursday started exchanges. I think we got pushed another day. I think — we’ll see. So this is kind of a one day at a time timeframe that we’re in right now. Watch, Watch what actually happens.

Speaking of which there is a two hour conference call scheduled between all the banks and redemption centers across the country.

It may include Canada, and it may include Mexico. I’m not sure of that –  I should have gotten a better definition on it. but this call was supposed to start probably around noon tomorrow, which is Wednesday. and it should conclude before 2:30 In the afternoon. I don’t know if that means there’s an announcement coming out at 2:30.

I don’t know if you know what is referring to, but we probably won’t know anything more about that until tomorrow afternoon. And we’re not going to have a call obviously until Thursday, if we have a call Thursday. So we will see what happens with that information

Let’s go over to Iraq.

Iraq, we’re hearing is going to start paying all of their salaries in the country on the first of March, which is Friday. They’re  high holy day –  that that’s when they’re gonna set all that out march 1. Alright, so that’s something we know that’s good.

And like I said, the latest timeframe that changed 10 minutes before they call started tonight. Information I got said it look like we’re gonna get our notifications maybe Thursday, but start exchange on first of March, which is Friday

And we just we just know some of the limited schedules that have that some of the smaller redemption centers that don’t have that many zim holders  are scheduled for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, skipped Sunday, resume Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. That’s only six days.

Now, obviously that also is subject to change – all the redemption centers in larger markets – This was a small market I’m referring to –  or do but in larger markets, especially in Florida. and Texas. and which are the bigger Zim holder states – California 

But those states probably in most of the larger markets like like Orlando, like Miami, Tampa some of these other places are going to have they’re going to have I mean Orlando and Tampa are gonna have 24 hour a day exchange centers open 24 — 24/7 for at least two weeks, maybe two weeks. I can get a lot of people if you have 30 minute appointments,  and you go around the clock.

So that’s a little different, that and Texas – Houston – in Dallas Fort Worth area are also set up for 24 hour redemption centers. So those are the anomalies. There may be some other areas of the country that will also see extended hours till 11 – 11 30 at night, starting maybe at seven, six and seven in the morning. You know, it’s hard to say they’re all going to be a little bit different – but I’m glad that that they looked at that and I’m curious, obviously I’m very curious about this conference call tomorrow.

And I know one little subject that they’re going to talk about is Zimbabwe – don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s just a refresher. So everybody knows the importance of the zim -, how valuable it really is. I have a I have an idea what I think its about but I’m not going to talk about it. I

 think it’s really going to be amazing. And we’ve heard again and again. The rates on these currencies have been and are going to blow us away really good that we’re excited about that.

Let’s see what else I want to talk about. Oh, by the way, I think our start  exchanges should be Friday the  first, but the R&R we talked about that moving  – yes it’s also moved into at least the second week of March.

That sounds about right. proximately the second week in March, The R&R is a big deal and it’s really a big deal for a lot of people that really weren’t part of the exchanges or the zim or the redemption of Zim.

The other thing is the increase in Social Security passed in a bill in Congress was passed in $2,041 with increases to social security and that would be 2041 – on top of what you’re getting now.

So that could be significant. And it’s supposed to not to exceed, I think it was $4,955 something in that range. But that’s a significant amount to have a $2,041 increase in Social Security starting in the month of March.

Now that’s the latest information on it. That’s as of yesterday. Let’s see if that holds up. Let’s see if it starts on our regular Social Security Wednesday’s first, second, third and fourth week of the month is when they, when they hit.  But really the r&r is gonna help a lot of people .

That’s gonna be pretty amazing. I can’t talk about the numbers on that. because it’s really, First of all, they’ve changed. They have a way of changing that formula every time we turn around. So I’m just gonna say it’s gonna be really good.

Now, it’s not gonna mean as much to those of us who have currencies and they’re going through and redemption, but think of the people that are not in this and don’t have a currency and what they might be looking at. It’s going to be pretty strong. let me tell you, very strong.

So we have that to look forward to. – which is great not only for ourselves, but for the people that don’t that don’t have foreign currencies to exchange.

Everything is moving in the right direction. I really hoped that we could get notifications today or tomorrow. it looks like more like Thursday right now. That’s the latest

And it looks like they couldn’t manifest for us on Friday. Well to get notified Thursday, The last day of this month. and 29th and set appointments for Friday the first of March.

So that is really all the information that I can think of right now that we needed to talk about tonight. I think you guys understand that this thing by now has morphed and changed and and move from one day to the next and I’m not trying to give you a feeling of oh, every, every time we talk it’s tomorrow –

 I’m not trying to do that. I didn’t do that last Thursday with you. Because we thought things were going to manifest for us in the last two or three days of this month. And based on what happens in this conference call tomorrow – we’ll see

 Let’s say NESARA is supposed to start on around the first of March, and that I mean – some kind of announcement about it. Now maybe we got the announcement before the first. Maybe that’s announcement tomorrow. Maybe the USN is announced tomorrow. Maybe the new currency the USTN is announced tomorrow maybe not –  I don’t know

 they’re supposed to be a major announcement made today and that was pushed – So maybe everything I don’t know guys this is just getting harder and harder to know when we’re going to get those announcements. But the NESARA  is so big – That includes so many parts.

They’ve got to get started on that and let us know what the heck is going on with it. Because in the NESARA   and GESARA  are supposed to start at approximately the same time. And I think they will.

I think it’s great that Iraq is paying all of their salary salaries. Starting Friday, March 1. Okay, good. Let’s see if we get to do something like that here. But we’ll see what happens.

And this is a question mark. So you don’t put any money out until till Monday. The fourth, but let’s see if it happens. Let’s see if we get notifications Thursday. or we go If we go Friday.

And there’ll be super surprised if we don’t get notified till Friday.

I think we’re planning to do it Thursday. But you know what? They could do it Friday. We’ll get started Friday. So let’s see what happens guys. This is a this is always something that we just don’t I don’t really want to tell. but it’s amazing. like I say what I can onthe big. nobody stops me. nobody wants me to stop – just doing what I’m doing.

And by the  certain  people are recommending that you go to a certain bank. I think that might be because they have a tie in with that bank –  I’d recommend that you use the 800 number that comes to you and your email and that you call your appointment for the redemption center that’s closest to you by using your zip code there then when you’re making the phone call

The reason is because the highest rates on all currencies and the zim  will be at the redemption centers. not at the banks – cause  I know we’ve got the rates that the bank screens are showing  – front and back –  and we get the rates on the redemption center screens –

if you will do your  self justice –  and they are only redeeming the zim at the redemption center – So if you’re Zim holder, that’s a no brainer. And even after the redemption close anybody that has any Zim that was caught, Let’s say a monsoon somewhere they didn’t know this was going on. They they only have one bank that they can go to and that’s Wells Fargo. That’s after the redemption centers are closed – centers are going to be opened in most cases, at least 12 to 14 days.

Short because they don’t have any zim holders  to speak of not many in their area. They don’t have that many and I’m excited and I’m so excited about getting this thing started. Like you guys are

I know you are already started. Hopefully everything comes through on Thursday with with our emails and then we go into their appointments starting Friday the first of March. Keep an eye out  – I can’t say for sure that USTN  currency then there’s the ATM’s. on Thursday.. Maybe it’ll transition on the first we’ll see

We are supposed to get the transition to the new US N on the first of March. The other thing we’re supposed to get is certain banks and there are some – none of our tier one bank that we know this does not apply to Wells Fargo. Chase – Citi  – Bank of America –  truist –  bank Banco Santander, or Santander Bank.

Those tier one banks are totally Basel three compliant and ready to go. There are some that call themselves tier one might be tier one or tier two banks – they’re not Basel three compliant yet, but they’re they have until the first march 1 Friday. to get there.

They’re not there. By Friday, the first they probably will shutter their doors. – so they better get their act together and get us to Basel three compliant now.

So that’s what I wanted to bring to you guys tonight.

Thank you for listening and thank you sat team for getting the call out to so many countries as you have

been thinking that that thing And Thank you Sue and Bob my co hosts on the big call  – gosh nine and a half years now for Bob. And over nine years I think for Sue. And so it’s really been great, and you know guys I don’t know. I don’t know if we’re gonna have a call Thursday or not – I don’t know. But if this is our last call – Thank you for listening. We’ll take you over the threshold. And we’ll be in touch with you on the projects that were talked about  .

After this  -whatever it starts, guys, wherever it goes. Maybe we’ll be here Thursday night we call maybe we will we’re just going to have to wait But I appreciate all we need and appreciate everybody that has to bid for some of us 13 years now. Some of you caught me as a moderator on another call. I started 13 years ago. So you know, thank you so much, everybody for listening. Let’s pray the call out before I come up with something else to say,jus.

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