Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 3-26-24


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 3-26-24

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It is Tuesday March 26th and you’re listening to the big call. I had to think about that. Get that date right. Thanks for coming in and listening tonight – Tuning in everywhere all over the globe. And I know last week, Tuesday for example we had 18.4 million listeners – that was international listeners. Thanks for listening again – maybe we’ll top that tonight  – maybe we won’t. The point is you’re here – we’re looking forward to getting the information out to you.

 We’re gonna have a great call tonight. I’m excited about the intel segment, excited to hear what Sue has to say and what Bob has to bring tonight, but before we get too deeply into the call. Let’s go ahead and pray it in as we do on every call.

As we move into Intel tonight – I think we’re going to be pleasantly surprised by what should be happening this Easter week. You know, this week, Holy Week, really, from last Sunday to this Sunday for most believers, that’s when we celebrate. So here’s what we’re hearing.

First of all, you know, the St. Germain trust is opening on Easter Sunday and that will go to all kinds of global efforts. That is primarily going to be supporting GESARA globally. But that’s a good thing – that’s happening.

Let’s track back to see where we have come from in the last few months and where we are now. Remember the – what we used to call “super whales”. These are really large bondholders that actually finished everything they needed to do about three months ago, but they don’t have access to their funds yet until we go.

So they’re sort of in limbo, waiting for that “go ahead” that we’re looking for. So that portion is done. And then we went into what we call the whales. These are tier three bond holders  that are also quite large bondholders, they finished up last Friday.

So they finish those guys up and they also are waiting for a “go” from their paymasters in the form of email which should be coming out pretty soon, and they will have access to their funds.

And then there’s the regular bondholders – those guys and women are looking to get started – Basically, they are going to be finished up  tomorrow afternoon, and the paymasters of the bondholders that we’ve talked to you today – Said they were doubling up on the emails to go out to those bondholders, some of which we know personally – and that’s going to happen for them so that they can finish approximately between three and four o’clock Eastern tomorrow.

That should be complete. And then we who are  tier 4 A&B – the Internet Group. Admiral’s groups, Admiral’s groups plural. And we are the internet group tier 4 B, we are to be notified on the heels of the regular bondholders being completed.

So it looks like that should be for us between let’s call it around 3:30 / 4 PM tomorrow, all the way to Thursday morning – this week for notifications that we would get the emails that would contain the toll free number.

That’s what we’re looking to have happen for us. I’m gonna say from tomorrow, mid to late afternoon, all the way to Thursday morning.

And what’s really cool about this is we would set our appointments and we would start exchanges on Charlie Ward’s Thursday, I call it that because Charlie’s always said it was gonna  happen  on Thursday. we just don’t know which one.

So we’re just having fun with that. But Thursday is looking very good for us – and what I hope happens is that we do get the emails – we do get started this week before Good Friday

I don’t know what they’re gonna do about Easter Sunday. Nobody could tell me whether we’re going to redemption centers open on Sunday, or not, but I know we should be starting Thursday, we should be going through Friday, should be going through Saturday, and we’ll see what they do about Easter Sunday.

Certainly it will be proceed through them whether they go Sunday or not. Certainly they’ll continue on through Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on.

So the idea is that we do get started this week before the end of the month and that’s a very positive thing. I’m looking forward to this going immediately and I’m looking forward to getting notified tomorrow afternoon, quite possibly setting appointments, or if we don’t get them tomorrow -we should get them in the morning on Thursday. Okay, so that is really good news.

I am trying to think if there’s anything else that’s pertinent to our start. I just think that we’ve all waited a long time for this. It’s taking a lot of faith to stand to stay in there and believe for this to come through for us.  It looks like we’re fighting over faith and we’re going to be rewarded this week.

The Deep State tried to  thwart this by having a Chinese cargo barge run into the  Francis Scott Key Ridge at 130 in the morning, this morning, which is over near I guess the harbor of Baltimore. And so for those that live in that area that did take out that bridge. So sorry about that, but they didn’t get away with it. They’re gonna be caught for that and I’m sure they already are And now it’s a matter of just the US doing the right thing to repair that and get that fixed

We’re so far along on this that whatever the deep state tries to do, will not prevail against it. And we’re looking forward to going – going ahead with everything that we’ve got. I don’t have any updated political news. I think that some things would be happening here very soon about political change. can’t wait for that to happen. There we go. So I think we just need to get this done and hang in there –

I think I told you guys the first week of April, we’re expecting the R & R to kick in restitution reclamation allowance. That’ll be big and lump sum for Seniors 62 and older especially those social security,  And then we’re also looking forward to increase social security In April. A nice increase when we get that we don’t really need it that much if we have currencies but it’s good to know that it’s there.

I imagine there’s a few other things that I’m not remembering to bring out right now but  the main thing is we get this

Remember, you do want to get a master trust put together with an attorney or through Wells Fargo’s attorneys try to set that up for yourself – Within 10 days of the exchange starting that’ll be really good.

I  want everybody to enjoy this celebration of resurrection day, The celebration that goes along with Easter. and remember, this is a great time of year  – I’m seeing a lot of things happening in April. Don’t be set too far apart by everything that’s going to be happening.

We think that USN is going to actually be out around the 15th of April. So we’ll see what else will happen then –  I hope NESARA is brought out between now and then it’ll tell us everything that’s going to change as far as our taxation and the end of income taxes that we’ve been paying all of that supposed to be out too.

 So a lot of stuff getting ready to happen. but let’s do this. I think that’s everything you guys need to know – brand  new rates are coming out that we’re going to hear about – you won’t hear them – We’ll hear about them on Dong and Dinar around three in the afternoon tomorrow – supposed to hear that that sort of a couple of our bond paymasters, we’ll get that information out of Reno. And other than that, we’re just moving on. We’re gonna have a really good celebration Sunday, but I think we look forward to everything going the way that we know it should .

And I just think we’ve got a lot of people to thank for listening to the big call and you guys know who they are on big call universe –  our satellite team – who is getting the call out to so many listeners thank you guys for doing that. And thank you everybody that is behind the scenes, in terms of intel providers and so on in t he big call and so on. Thank you Sue and Bob don’t forget that of course. GCK and Larry of course and just everybody who’s connected to the big call – Jeannie – Pastor Scott Thank you for your steadfast participation of giving us information on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

And I just think we’re just looking forward to this going so much. I know we all are.  I think that’s what we want to talk about tonight. I’m excited about this week guys – We need this to happen we’ve prayed for it to happen. Now let’s go ahead and  pray the call out. 

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