Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 4-23-24


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 4-23-24

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It’s Tuesday, April 23rd and you’re listening to the big call. Glad everybody’s out there and it’s tuned in, hopefully our SAT team has everything going out all over the globe as they have been doing for months and months now for us which has been great – and we like the fact that we’re reaching, sometimes over 18 million listeners almost live – three seconds behind live, as my voice is being translated into many, many languages around the globe. That’s cool. And we’d like that. And so let’s, let’s pray the call in

10:08 Let’s do this. Today is just the 23rd  tomorrow is the 24th  I don’t know that that is significant, specifically, but it could be – for the bondholders who are still waiting to get their email to give them access to their accounts. That is happening  

Now – We were told earlier today that they’re all over the bondholders – meaning, the bondholders are being handled, they’re being worked on they’re being released emails. I don’t know if that’s happening as deeply as I heard it, but I know that they plan to let them have those emails and get access to their account in the next couple of days  – meaning  two days.

Now, we have received some intel from our redemption centers – and what happened was on Sunday, the staff went into redemption centers to listen to a video or watch a video, which was about an hour and a half long, and that was up on the quantum financial system and also on the new banking system and what the banks could do and couldn’t do.

For example, we don’t believe the banks will try to make money off of our money anymore in the banks. That’s what we’ve been told. Let’s see what it all looks like when we get into the appointment. And we might have a few questions answered.

But that’s what they did Sunday. Monday they went in thinking we would receive our 800 numbers and they went in around nine o’clock so they could so that we could get appointments  set – and that was yesterday. Well, the numbers didn’t come in yesterday.  So that changed their schedule.

Today. They were scheduled redemption centers were scheduled to go in at 830 in the morning, and some one redemption center specifically would stay open till nine o’clock at night for the next nine days. 830 in the morning to 9pm which is nine days now that would have been if we had started exchanges today.  Well, we don’t have numbers  – so we can’t start exchanges yet. That’s how they were scheduled though.

And I thought well, that’s a great schedule if it comes through  and if we do get the 800 numbers we can set appointments and start changes today.

Well – it didn’t happen. So what is happening apparently, so we’re getting this from two separate redemption centers. Two separate sources is saying that everything should be released to us and have a climactic conclusion by end of this week.

In other words, it might turn into a little bit of a frenzy of numbers coming in emails  to the bondholders – setting appointments, all of that, like magically coming to fruition at the end of the week. We could call that Thursday, Friday, we can even call it into Saturday – it’s not clear. They didn’t give that specific day where this all go and happen.

But I am encouraged by one head of a redemption center. And remember, this is a banned phrase of the big call but I’m going to use it even though its banned –  that phrase was  “this is the week.”

Now, I’m kidding when I talk about banned phrases – but of course but if this head of the Center is saying this is the week for us to go – . So we have to at least hope that is correct. And then we are going this week weekend, whichever it is, but I’m encouraged when I hear that – Because I think well, we don’t have it on a Wednesday or Thursday necessarily. But if we can get through this week and we do have the week next week and have it I’m sure we’ll all be grateful and be thankful that we got it this week.

 So we have heard from – you know what —  it might end up being? The things come through on Charlie Ward’s Thursday. It is possible. I don’t have an update from him yet but doo expect to him yet but late tonight. So that can’t help us tonight on the big call. So I think what we need to do is realize what’s happening at the redemption centers –

What are they seeing? On the Bank screens ? They are seeing  19 currencies  going up consistently  in value —  these are the currencies that we know about – 3/ 4/ 5 /6 Were all invested in to some extent or another –  

And so they’re watching  those as of actually Sunday and yesterday, Monday, Tuesday, blowing up in value that’s  going to top out for a couple of days.

And I knew that was gonna be the case on the dong – we had a very good rate on it over the weekend – but we also know that this is a currency that may continue to go up a little bit more every day in value.

And we knew that was the case in years and years ago. That could be the case that certain currencies were moving up, but they might move up in the next few days, more than a day or two ago or something. I don’t think it’s going to change my strategy to go in for my exchange and redemptions of zim

is doing very well – It has been on par – It is past being on par with the US and dollar. That’s a good thing.

Everything is right where it needs to be –

Now — What  we don’t know is how many more days if it is this week, and we are being told that – does this happen tomorrow –  Thursday?  Friday?  Saturday?  – We don’t know

Do we does this happen tomorrow? Thursday, Friday, Saturday? We don’t know. But we’re gonna hang in there as if it is they’re coming to us within the next few days.

So stay tuned.  I’ll have to stay tuned again.

And if we have a call on Thursday, we’ll have a much better idea of probably as to whether we’re going this week or not. But that is dependent on the Intel coming through and fortunately  we’ve had a couple of good days where we have received some indication from the redemption centers of what’s happening.

I know that there were Vimeo calls on today. And I just think they’re trying to tie up loose ends. They’ve got the information out on the quantum financial system. They got the info out on the new banking system and to the redemption center people – and I think we are going to be pleased with the information that we have moving forward. It’s going to all conclude and like I said they are expecting a very positive result to come to fruition for us this week

So that’s the best information that I have so far.  Okay, so everybody’s up to speed, there are ever looking to see what is happening from our point of view, Bond holders are expecting to get notified. Over the next couple of days, but I think if we’re on a shot gun start so we should be there pretty much in the same time frame

It could be a slight delay. They could go ahead of us by 12 to 14 hours. But in any event we should get notified with numbers and set our appointments pretty soon.

I hope that’s been helpful for everybody. I want to thank everybody that tuned in Thank you SAT team for getting the word out – internationally  – all over the globe – and thank you Sue for bringing your information and helping  with your segment and your teaching everything that you do for us and the praise reports. And then thank you also Bob for bringing this valuable information

So I think that’s what I wanted to share with you guys tonight.  Alright, so let’s do this. Let’s go ahead and pray the call out to look forward to having thing occur bondholders in the next couple of days, and hopefully for us as well as notifications. Alright, notifications come in. Let’s go ahead and pray the call out.

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