Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 4-9-24


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 4-9-24

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Welcome everybody to the big call tonight. It is Tuesday, April 9th, and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in. Difficulty pairing  my headset to my phone so I’m gonna go without the headset for right now let’s I can  figure that out — So, hope everybody’s doing well — Let’s go ahead and pray the call in

All right, well thank you, Bob. Appreciate it. Ler’s touch on the intel a little bit and see where we think we are.  I’ve been trying to keep up with everything over the last week or so. And I’ve done a fairly good job of getting information but I’ll tell you as it is right now, for hearing from some top people at Wells Fargo, that this is sort of ready to go.

We’ve heard a couple of things – we’ve heard by Thursday, meaning Wednesday or Thursday, we should have the numbers and be able to act on those.

We’ve heard the possibility of anywhere from tomorrow through Friday.

So we’re right there and the word that comes back at least twice me has been “we’re right on top of this” — This is right on top of us. I think it should be ready to go here within a day or so.

So I know this much I know that there was a conference call held Saturday  for 45 mins  with all the redemption centers involved –  It was really interesting because they actually threatened everybody.

We saw a threat to anybody leaked any information. First they were going to call it treason, if any information leaked out — from people in the redemption center staff. Then they  backed away from that a little bit —

Say, Well, we’re not going to call it treason on you – but we’re going to do is keep you from receiving any commission? Because remember, the people that exchange us, pick up point 025% of our exchange.

It comes out of a Bank side, I guess you’d call it and then they said – Well, I’m call treason but they’re going to remove their commission if anybody’s caught leaking information to us.

So that was a little bit of a positive change  

And maybe we are right there where they haven’t been – not able to you know,  to receive commission  –  The people that exchange us pick up point, 025% of our exchange —  the banks come out ahead and  we come out ahead – everybody comes out a winner –  with removing commission would  mean they would receive no benefit – so I think it’s a good thing that we are, you know that people are not to leak any information out. That’s why the intel for right now, very, very limited.

We only found this out through friends of people that were involved in exchange process. So I think we are looking as close as tomorrow or Thursday for these numbers to come out. That could end up being a Charlie Ward Thursday again, even though that was supposed to be a week ago – It wasn’t –they are waiting on the release codes from the Treasury.

So it’s all about the Treasury again.

You know, moving forward with everything that we need, and I don’t think I don’t think it’s a big deal to wait much longer –  

I don’t think there’s much of a reason for it. I think we’re looking at  this should  happened any day. So that’s what I’m gonna say is how close we are. Like I said, they’ve said this, we’re right on top of this and so I’m going to believe that’s the case –

I think that we are also looking for NESARA and GESARA to kick in this month, not it wasn’t  the first week of April, like we had been told, because today is what the ninth we thought we’d have that already. Sorry, we didn’t we think the increase in Social Security is still in April. So from that point of view, But as far as anything else – it is so limited right now to get that information .

I’m just literally gonna wait. see if that’s what this is. if we’re gonna get this in the next couple of days.

For some people said, you know, this is gonna go between now and Friday, Between now and Monday. I think it’s super close. We just have to wait and let it manifest to us  that’s what it amounts  to you know, we’re looking for  – We’re looking for things to show up for us to move forward – I think for between now and Friday  probably – which is not that far away.

So let’s do this – let’s pray the call out. But before we do that – Really, they’re not a lot to say, because the sources are drying up. We don’t necessarily like that – We like information but the fact that it is quiet and the fact that the redemption center staffs were threatened. You know by not receiving any Commission for working with us –that’s pretty strong indication that we’re that close. So let’s do this. Let’s pray the call out and we’ll take  it from there.

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