Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 9-19-23


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 9-19-23

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It is Tuesday, September 19th and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks, everybody for tuning in. Yet once again, we managed to get out to 106 countries on last Thursday’s call, we don’t know really how many we’re getting out to tonight, but hopefully it’ll be a good group of people that we’re reaching on big call universe. So thanks, everybody for listening and tuning in or clicking on the email. If you’re in an international country, you know, it’s like there’s no such thing as foreign languages if you can speak them. They’re not foreign to you. So we use the term modern languages.

All right, so let’s talk about the Intel. Let’s get into it a little bit. I want to see our rebuild America site become Blue Zones. I want to see our  rebuild America and I want to see our veterans retreat network sites become blue zones.

And I just think we’re onto something. And this is the way God brings this stuff to us and to me when I learned about the Gladiator, barley, and that was on the show we just talked about, you know, that’s, it’s really, really good. So Intel – Well, this is going to be kind of cool.

Let’s start off with what happened yesterday and today. We got a visit from Prime Minister Sudani from Iraq. He met with President Trump and a few others, in an undisclosed location that I know where it is. And I think it was just going over last minute stuff. But he flew back, prime minister Sudani  flew back to Iraq – was already there now, and is going to bring out news of the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar to his people tomorrow.

This is the precursor to that. On Friday, this is last Friday, Today’s Tuesday, Last Friday he broadcast this out to on television throughout Iraq. He said this week be next week, which is this week for us now. That was on Friday, this week that we’re in right now. He said will be a miracle week.

He said not only for the country of Iraq, but for the entire world.

Now, I’m gonna say the Prime Minister  Al-Sudani  is telling us the RV that we’re looking for not only up the dinar, But of all the other currencies that we have or should have is to happen this week.

Now in addition to that he is also intending to put out tomorrow morning, which is already morning there now.

He’s talking about putting out the new rate which would be an international rate, not our rate that we’re gonna get, but an international rate of the new Iraqi dinar in the printed version of the gazette on Wednesday, That’s tomorrow. Okay

 Now  keep that in mind, you got his declaration last Friday, about what would happen this week and the fact that tomorrow is Wednesday – and it is a printed version of the gazette is going to be should be going into tomorrow with an international rate.

We’ve also got the oil and gas law which is the HCL the hydrocarbon law HCL, got that passed, and we thought it was passed years ago, but that might have been refined, pardon the pun 10 to 12 days ago but they’re going to start paying that out to the people of Iraq, this is something they get proceeds from their portion meted out to each citizen.

You have to proceed based on oil and gas production, oil and even natural gas. They’re reclaiming and using that Iraq to and selling that. So they’re getting that out and they’re going to be paid on that. I believe starting – don’t want to give you the wrong date.

I noticed this this –  I believe it’s this month could be October but I can’t remember exactly when but that has been agreed upon.  That will go out to all citizens – they’re also increasing their Social Security to like 4000 and I believe it was $20 a month.  Social that will happen in October.

Ours will also go up in October. I think ours is going to be 4717 for Social Security 4717 And we’re looking for restitution or allowance and reclamation money we talked about the past that is also supposed to come out in October.

Alright, let’s get back to the RV.

We talked to pay masters who have connections with the upper pay masters in Vancouver and Geneva and they’re telling our normal level pay masters with Wells Fargo, that tonight at 8pm. Eastern. That would have been an hour before we started the big call. The RV hit the boiling point.

So that’s 212 degrees Fahrenheit. We hit a boiling point with RV at 8 PM today, this evening.

And what does that mean? What it means is this paymaster informed us that we would we would be getting notifications and so will the bondholders be getting there, Go ahead for liquidity and access to their funds in 12 to 24 hours from a 8 PM tonight.

Well, that’s pretty easy math 8pm Tonight plus 12 hours is 8am tomorrow morning. 24 hours would be 8pm tomorrow night.

So between 8am in the morning and 8pm tomorrow it is supposed to be our pay day. It is supposed to be the day that we get started with our exchanges – that we do the numbersm- that we set our appointments –  and we go in for exchanges. That is what is meant by that 12 to 24 hour period from a boiling point, which was at 8pm. tonight, Tuesday night. Now this is what we’re getting out of Geneva.

I’m going to say was Prime Minister Al-Sudani of Iraq that called it if you will, quote unquote called it for this week. I believe that if the Iraqi dinar international rate gets put in the Gazette tomorrow and the printing Gazette in the morning, usually happens right before right after morning prayer first morning prayer usually when it comes out If it comes out tomorrow, regardless of the time – I think it’s go time for us.

I think we should get notified and you know they may bring it overnight to us. And they put emails out overnight. They may put it out in the morning. They may they may wait late afternoon. I don’t know but the theory is that tomorrow is a day when we will receive funds because the bondholders remember are getting their emails to go ahead and access to their accounts.

They’re supposed to get that tomorrow. We’re supposed to get started tomorrow. So I’m going to give you that what President of Iraq said and him bringing out the revaluation of the new Iraqi dinar you know, and bringing it out internationally. That’s a big deal that hasn’t been done before and to put in the Gazette as their official reference.

So if that occurs, which I’m understanding it will  – Why  did he come over yesterday to meet with President Trump and Stephen Mnuchin and Judy Shelton and whoever else here and then fly back today in order to bring this up tomorrow to his people and essentially to the world. I don’t know exactly. Have we been here before? No.  not yet – again, who’s calling it?

I think Presidents Sudani is calling it – that’s what I think. But I really love the fact that we’ve got information from the paymasters saying that lining up with that was good news. That the guy from one of our guys from Wells Fargo as a paymastert after talking with these two people on in Vancouver when it’s either that or both Uber paymasters upper paymasters for HSBC and Wells Fargo So that gives us I think, everything we need to move forward.

NDAs there was some discussion about how long were the NDA is. The last NDA we saw was one and a half just over one and a half pages barely over one and a half pages long. Not super long. Supposed to be written in layman’s language – So we could understand that

Let’s see what else — of course you are going to get cue phone  If you’re a Zim holder. You get one at the redemption center and you get $1,000 value certificate at the redemption center for a computer, or a laptop or a tablet or whatever of $1,000 that you can get at one eight different retail locations.

Including, I think it’s OfficeMax and several other several places. Your choice –  other than that, I mean, guys, I told you everything that you need to know if you can recollect everything that I’ve told you so far, five to 8 minute presentation –  information, like several copies of your presentation, so that you can leave one with the staff, leave a copy with them. So they can run it through their computers and see how many other projects applications are similar or the same. If you if you’ve got zim, they don’t have a presentation for it. They will try to assign you projects that they have used to spend your money.

I prefer to do my projects rather than have them impose a project but it’ll fly either way. It’s all good.

Remember you’ll be setting up a quantum account which  you will use a biometric finger thumbprint to activate as well as I believe an email and I believe also a password that you create.

I believe you’d be creating a new email for that purpose and password for the purpose of the quantum account. So to get that quantum account, that’s where all the proceeds of your exchange in your option go into and then we’ll move funds that using for your projects. into your primary or secondary bank accounts. I suppose it’s up to three different banks. You don’t have three, they can have up to three different banks that will be tied to your quantum financial analyst, or quantum account. Okay. And you’ll move funds.

Remember, the primary bank in this case Wells Fargo will not see your quantum down except for the people that set it up initially. and they’re supposed to not retain any information about them. And you won’t see the redemption people in more than one place.

Remember, the primary bank in this case Wells Fargo will not see your quantum down except for the people that set it up initially. And they’re supposed to not retain any information about them. And you won’t see the redemption people, again, more than likely

So, take that information. You’ll move funds into and I believe on day one, which could be closing oil, or whatever it is on day one. You’ll be able to move on whatever it could be hundreds of millions. That is very true.

And that you’re supposed to move what you can use for the first 90 days after 90 days, once they track your spending and the fact that you’re not gonna send anybody on your NDA as far as where the money came from, or anything about your redemption experience or your exchange. None of that is spoken.

And then once that happens, they will know she was pretty good. or he was pretty good with not talking about this don’t have to freeze their accounts. So they’ll let us move whatever we need from the quantum accounting to those primary wells or the bank account – and they’ll give us a book. The last time we looked it  was 55 pages of  who you’re not allowed to get you give money to o your account will be frozen. and those funds will essentially be seized. We don’t want that to happen so  leaf through and look through  that. book before you start will nilly giving money to  certain people – even certain charities – that you think might be good –

Okay, so stay tuned to that – play by those rules because you don’t want your account frozen – That’s for sure you want to do the right thing. with the funds are here to rebuild America and essentially rebuild internationally as well. And it’s gonna be really cool ride.

Disclosure and NESARA  not sure when NESARA is gonna come out. Could be this week.  We have heard disclosure to come out Friday. – Saturday – 22 / 23rd 

 If that timing is still good. We can get some disclosure starting this weekend. Let[s just see what they do. But I just think you guys have everything that I want I wanted to bring to you tonight. Let’s see what let’s see if Sudani does what he seems to do. Let’s see if that printed version of Gazette – -or not. but we know something has happened when we receive the emails from Wells Fargo servers with a free number.

We’ll send out an email that that phone number to call actually put it on an email from boomers that will go out wanting to receive it.

And I believe we’ll be able to post it on the page of So we’ll say may not be instant, but we’ll try to get on there as soon as this could be a big paymaster and we talked to just give them one more day. So let’s hope that we, we get everything that we’re looking for.

Everybody have a great night


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