Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 9-26-23   


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 9-26-23   

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Welcome everybody to the Big call tonight from wherever you are, it is Tuesday, September 26th and you’re listening to the big call. I hope we’re reaching you all over the globe tonight. We’ve had a pretty good reach in recent months, getting out to as many as 190 some odd countries and 22 or more 24 million people. Not always that big a number but it depends on how much of the Starlink satellite system our guys are able to get access to. Their Starlink system is getting pretty busy these days as they’re getting everything connected for the quantum financial system, and all that. But welcome everybody.

All right. Let’s get into the intel a little bit – Let’s see – There’s several things I want to bring out tonight. I’m going to try to remember all of them. The key thing right now is we heard yesterday, which was Monday that Iraq was going to put out a major announcement this morning right after morning prayer, and maybe early morning prayer meeting the first  – first go at it.

And I thought, okay, it’s a major announcement, but what is it going to be about? Well, it took all the way up until about six or seven evening for me to figure out and find out what that announcement was from our Iraqi sources. And it ends up that the announcement they made this morning was that they were going to put in the printed version of the Gazette tomorrow, which is Wednesday, put in their newest dinar rates.

And it would be obviously it would be revalued rate in the Gazette the printed version of the Gazette. Well, we already had the digital version come in last Saturday, but we didn’t get the printed version of the Gazette on Wednesday, as we had anticipated, but it’s supposed to be in tomorrow’s Gazette.

Why is that important?

The reason that’s important is because we understood from some of our key top paymaster sources that the funds for the bondholders that were supposed to go out at midnight tonight might be delayed somewhat until that announcement goes into the Gazette. That rate goes into the Gazette – their official record and the printed version that comes out Wednesdays should include that rate.

And they may also put in an announcement that we heard was going to come out October 3, next Tuesday, but I don’t know it may come out. It may be in this Gazette tomorrow. But it’s about Iraq’s sovereignty, they are going to declare – Now listen, it may not be in tomorrow’s but we were told it is called and it should come out on the second or the third of October, which is next Tuesday.

And it wouldn’t be an announcement about the independence and sovereignty of Iraq. And of course, in order to have the sovereignty they need to have a revalued rate for the dinar. So that’s why I’m saying it could come out tomorrow because really if they put this new, really revalued dinar rate in the Gazette the printed version in the Gazette tomorrow, then essentially they’ve done what they need to do for them to declare their sovereignty and their independence as a  free state.

A sovereign state. All right, so that could be big –

Now – We’re understanding what the announcement made this morning. They’re supposed to do that. Tomorrow. It’ll probably be in the morning early. But whenever that occurs, at that point, bondholders should have the funds in their individual bond sellers accounts. And they should be getting notifications that they have the funds in their accounts after 1030 In the morning tomorrow.

Now the same sources also  and that’s am 1030 in the morning)  the same source has also indicated that we could also get our email notifications that we’re looking for after 10:30 tomorrow morning.

That was a real huge piece of news that we got late this afternoon. But really this evening before the call today. So I’m excited to be able to bring that to you and remember, this is information from people that are talking directly to our treasury people that are doing this and heading up the revaluation process for our country.

And let’s see let’s talk about a couple of other things.

So that you will be really cool if that’s tomorrow, because that way We’ve got our start. We get our notifications – we set appointments and maybe even start exchanges  tomorrow evening, afternoon, evening.

Now, it could be that we get notified and set appointments for Thursday. It’s hard to say at this point, because we don’t know, but we know they’re supposed to get notified. Some time after 1030 In the morning, and I think that’ll be if that happens tomorrow, it’ll be that way Eastern Time – Central Time. Mountain Time Pacific Time, etc.  So we should get time all across the country Based on our time zones.

Let’s go into what else might be important there.

We have heard and you guys have read it. Not sure that what we’re hearing that has been ascribed to this top notch individual is his actual wording . I don’t believe it was – And I believe what I’m hearing from our sources is that it can go even if Biden is where he is. This can still go – even though I’ve heard it both ways – with him there and it can go with him gone.

So I’m just gonna leave the let’s see what happens. As far as that goes. Let’s talk about rates – Friday, you know and go into exact rates –  you know I have been asked not to do that  so I don’t.

Some other calls. they might do that. But I try to approximate or get close for something but not give you that I can just tell you that on Fridays. Banks screens –  Banks screens for you – Both dinar and Dong are in double digits.Dinar was higher – but both were outstanding –

Now many of you guys, listen to what we’ve had to say about zim in the past. The zim is a bearer bond, even though it’s kind of a currency. it’s it’s both that and a bearer bond it says payable to the bearer.

And people don’t realize until they listen to the big call that the denomination of the of the zim bill, which is in US dollar is in dollars in dollars. but the denomination is the amount that’s written on the note.

Listen, they’ve got 50 million zim notes. They’ve got 50 billion zim notes. They’ve got 100 million. They’ve got 50 billion they’ve got 10 trillion 50 trillion and a 100 trillion. They probably got more than I even mentioned just now. Well, that’s the denomination of the note.

If you had a 10 T note, a 10 trillion. Zim note it’s worth the value of what I just said 10 trillion Zimbabwe dollars and the Zim dollar are is one to one with the US on par – on par with USN –USN – our new dollar -So don’t be confused about that. That’s why Zim holders are gonna be treated with kid gloves When you go into the redemption center

okay, because they, they’re gonna care a lot about our projects and what we have to say and what we do in the future. don’t be confused by that .

Now, other dates that are of importance –

We have heard that last I think about three or four days ago, but this was going to go Friday, this week.

Today’s Tuesday. Tomorrow’s looking great for us so far, provided a rock with the rate in the morning, which we’re told that that announcement this morning by Iraq said that that’s what was going to happen. So they do what they said that they were going to do – we’re in pretty good shape – Really good shape – and we’ll get this party started before the end of the week – either tomorrow or Thursday, probably and probably will just be another great Friday.

Now the other thing is October 1 is the day that the date that the USN  i-  our new currency is supposed to be announced –  we think – the USN  on the first of October.

Now the first two weeks of October we should have our NESARA and GESARA brought out They may tie that in with some disclosure  over those 14 days – those two weeks are also supposed to get the – I call it R & R now, restitution and reclamation allowance. In the first two weeks of October.

That’s a big deal. That won’t be quite as big a deal for us. It’ll be a big deal and they have that divided sort of by decades. 60 To 70 Will get approximately this much in a lump sum 50 to 60 will get this much over a one year period, meaning divided by 12 Payable each month. whatever their total is.

It starts at age 37/38 30 to 50 will get their amount over a 15 year period.

So sort of like an annuity but 15 years is what they’re going to be paid out at the age of 30 to age 50. Age 51 to 60 is going to be a lump sum, but it’s divided into 12 parts paid out over one year. And then those of us in the 60 and older 66 plus range will get as a lump sum payment into the bank that we get our Social Security And into that same account.

Okay, that’d be a big deal. it’d be a look. So would it be big for us? Let’s call them older Americans. I’m not thinking of myself as older but I’m in that group. Now, social security changes in November, and it’s gonna be a pretty strong amount.

They’re kind of drop into Social Security but it’s gonna be a bigger number that we’re getting now by a longshot.

And it’s gonna happen in that age group of 62 to what it to infinity – however old you are, I guess you could getting us every month – until you die, so don’t die anytime soon, Like 300 400 years Using the med bed for longevity, and boomer boost and barley  and premium probiotics for longevity

 So let’s see what the other piece might be …… I told you about rates kindof – told you a little bit about the zim

Again, we’re looking to be notified of an email I don’t know where it’s going to come from Wells Fargo’s or whatever it says. Read it carefully. twice at least before you act on it and call the call center with the 800 number that they provide for you.

Make sure that oh that you ever talked about the basics already – you should know they would like two forms of photo ID  – they pretty much know who all the Zim holders are but they don’t know who has been gifted them they have some idea in some cases, who were gifted Zim for most part they don’t.

So those people that were gifted zim going in, you need to pony up your two forms of photo ID, a utility bill showing your house address where you live and also house or apartment or wherever. And then also  yep – And you need to know like I said, your  passport or driver’s license if you have both bring both.

And then you know they’ll say the first thing they’ll do is just verify who you are. Know your customer, they’ll verify who you are to start looking for your currency to count it on the delerue machine and verify that it’s legit. You don’t have to bring receipts for your currency don’t have to prove where you got it. They don’t have time to monkey with that they don’t really care.

So just you know compared to ponie that  up – if you have multiple currencies, put the currencies in the same denominations and each currency so like if you have dinar you know you’ve got 25k nodes 10k 5k 1k You know, all those notes need to be you know, in those little bundles paperclip this little rubber bands around or something like that, put them in there so they can run the same denomination of note at the same time. Digital a room machine don’t mix them all up into different denominations like oh, here’s a 25k Oh, here’s, here’s a 5k Oh, there’s another 20 No, divide them up, separate them.

And in my case, I’m going to tell them how much of each currency not denomination, but how much of each currency I have. So they’ll know that even before they run it through the delarue machine, and only doing that so to see if they come up with the same number that I came up with without a delarue machine.

Okay, so I’m just hoping that my numbers are correct when they run them. Okay, they’ll do that. Do that on your currencies, on your dinar on your dong on your rupee up on your whatever other currencies we had economic Afghanistan  – They’re 27 currencies that are going up in value.

When they do that, and then you’ll have an opportunity to present a presentation on your project. If you’re a Zim holder. You really should have one or more projects that you’re going to use the zim money on -or part of it,  you know, to fund your project.

And also once you do that, and you’ve run the total amount that you’ll have to put into your account. You’ll be able to move as an excuse me into your Wells Fargo primary account. Well, I probably ought to quit while I’m ahead (hiccups)  the Quantum account card you’ll be able to get there at the redemption center that allows you to put a biometric fingerprint or thumbprint to it So you can gain access with an email.

A brand new email by the way, a brand new email address and a new password and then you’ll go from there, And then you’ll be able to move on For the first 90 days.

You should be able to tell them yeah, I’d like to put X number of million or maybe billion into that primary account and that primary account will gain interest it will earn interest and the money in the quantum account that will not earn any interest.

But that’s where the money will be until you move it into your primary secondary. What excuse me wills accounts.

So let’s see what tomorrow brings. See whether we have a call on Thursday or not –  we’ll see. Obviously we hit numbers or we’re off to the races. we’re doing exchanges. we won’t have a call. We might pre record celebration call was But let’s go ahead now before I hiccup my way through the prayer time. Let’s go ahead and pray the call out

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