Can Iraq achieve financial independence from Washington? A parliamentarian answers

Can Iraq achieve financial independence from Washington A parliamentarian answers

Jassim Al-Moussawi, a member of the House of Representatives, stated on Sunday that there are various solutions available to free Iraq from the United States’ control over its oil sales funds. However, he also mentioned that implementing this decision would require the country to bear the potential repercussions and consequences that Washington may impose.

During an interview with a news outlet, Al-Moussawi emphasized that achieving financial independence would require the backing of political groups from all sectors of society. He added that building a free and robust economy would only be possible if the country moved towards achieving financial independence, thereby breaking away from Washington’s influence.

As per the speaker, due to the ongoing developments and general situation, Iraq cannot allow the United States of America to dominate and control its economy and finances. Additionally, he mentioned that the economy of the United States has been declining significantly in recent times.

Al-Moussawi has suggested various ways to eliminate the influence of the United States over the money generated by the sale of Iraqi oil. He further adds that the U.S. is currently facing multiple problems, which will lead to negotiations with Iraq regarding the termination of direct deposit of funds into Iraqi banks and, instead, depositing them in the Federal Bank.

Ali Hussein, the leader of the Al-Fatah Alliance, has confirmed in a statement to the “Al-Ma’louma” agency that changing the current policy of the Ministry of Oil, which involves sending money to the Federal Bank, to instead sending it to the Central Bank of Iraq, could relieve the country from the constant pressures imposed by the Washington administration.