Coffee with MarkZ and Mr. Cottrell. 05/17/2024


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Coffee with MarkZ and Mr. Cottrell. 05/17/2024

Member: Happy Friday everyone.

MZ: Sorry about being a little late. Power outage here ane working off a laptop and batteries today.

MZ: gotta move fast today in case I lose power.

MZ: I have a real humdinger of an article to share. This tells us we will go no matter what.  They have put together this system and I was told this was always the plan to force the issue. “Escobar:De-Dollarization Bombshell – The Coming Of BRICS+ Decentralized Monetary  Ecosysstem   “

MZ: They are creating a Universally accepted currency payment option outside the traditional ones. It is neither crypto or central banks. It is something in-between. It is based on 40% gold and 60% the BRICS countries currencies.  So if a country is wealthy in commodities they are going to be worth more.  Metals are going to be worth more

​​Mod:  Escobar:De-Dollarization Bombshell – The Coming Of BRICS+ Decentralized Monetary  Ecosysstem

MZ: They talk about how it is replacing current sysstems….and   I was told this was always the plan to have as a back up and to force the RV . This is the kill switch or the fail safe for us. So that is what they are doing…and we are watching it move forward. .

So we win….the question is “how soon?”  I just love this article

Member: So the bad guys are willing to burn down the world in order to keep power and this is the plan to stop them????   Wow

Member: sounds like we will need our gold backed USN in order to participate in the US? I wonder if the QFS will work with it?

Member: Maybe this new BRICS system is another term for the QFS????

MZ: On the banking side there are big expectations for this weekend. Many people saying this. And expecting a big announcement out of Iraq this Sunday . Hopefully this is it. We will find out Sunday or Monday. 

Member: I hope Sunday cranks this out with Iraq moving forward for their people.

Member: A guru at TNT says today… and be ready be ready be ready.

MZ: They are continuing to crack down to keep people quiet. But its very positive ecause of the sheer number they are cracking down on. And very positive on the number of people getting trained in banks on foreign currency.

MZ: Overall it’s a fantastic time to be us.

Member: I heard the End of June, UK gets their new QFS digital payment system

Mr. C Joins: 

MZ: A number of new people are asking how does this go. They are very confused about the RV and reset. .

MC: OK:  the first thing is when the golden dragon decides it is safe to release the funds-a team will arrive here comprising of the US treasury  (New treasury from RENO) , reps from the military, The Chinese families,. and they will present to me a gold certificate and the codes to be able to unlock  and initiate the RV.

MC: I send the codes to a portable satellite computer system to the New Republic Treasury and they unlock  and distribute the gold all around the world to all the signatories of the gold treaty. 

MC: Immediately 2 things occur. 1. All fiat currencies go to zero except for the time frame to exchange the currencies. and 2. All derivatives are wiped off the balance sheets of all companies and corporations around the world.

MC: The next step is automatically a global debt Jubilee which means all debts. Ben Fulford is now saying (all debt both public and private) are dissipated- gone.  That is where is starts.

MC: The reset is then in process and it happens within a couple hours. Then the changing of the values occurs . We should most likely see the markets shut down for at lleast one day and maybe 2.

MZ: Do we expect a value change and then automatically rates are 1 to 1 ? Because we are expecting some currencies to be higher than the US dollar.

MC: The values on the exchanges like dinar ect…..are per agreements and what groups you are in….I do not know that much about that. I do know its immediate and automatic. The change in values is immediate. So you won’t be waiting days or weeks to get it.

MZ: That is what I was told too. It’s immediate and they roll to a 1 to 1 after they adjust for values  differences.

MC: is will go to parity around the world 1 to 1 across the board.

Member: I always thought RV first, we exchange at the new increased rates….then reset happens when it goes to 1 to 1 parity.  Guess we shall see.

Member: Will we still have 30 days to exchange?

MZ: That is what I am still hearing.

Member: Thanks Mark and Mr. C……Hope your power comes back on Mark. ASAP

Member: have a blessed day and weekend! prayers for all who need them.

Member: A secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be, and then making the best of it… yungbleu

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