“Coffee With MarkZ” Monday Morning Chat 2-26-2024


Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK

MarkZ  Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Good Monday Morning To Mark, mods and RVer’s

Member: Is this finally going to be our week?

Member: Any truth to the rumor that Iraq joined the WTO this weekend?

MZ:: We don’t have it officially yet. We have a February statement by the WTO that it had been expected in 2023…..we see the prep…we see all the groundwork…just waiting for it to be official.  I think the ascension to the WTO will be announced right after the rate change….imo

Member:  Rumor:   “8 countries joined the WTO yesterday. Iraq was one of them. It’s on the WTO website.The WTO meeting ends Feb. 29th.”-Holly

Member: I heard the assention to the WTO to happen between the 26th and 29th??

Member: Frank dropped a bit of a bombshell yesterday

Member: Frank26 says “This is it” and Walkingstick says it’s on our Door Step!!

Member: Frank26 said they showed the citizens pictures of new notes (lower denoms)

MZ: So much coming out of Iraq from ministers and economists this weekend….and a lot is being discussed on Iraqi TV stations over there.

MZ: Many stories specifically on the US meeting with Sudani about the troops leaving Iraq…and to set the date for that removal.  . And Iraq being soveriegn.

MZ: MilitiaMan had a good video talking about a lot of stories I was going to share today. Final integration globally and the amount of IQD that they have been publically removing from circulation…..be sure to go watch and support him.

Member:   MM seemed pretty excited in the last video

MZ: Iraq has removed trillion of dinar from circulation will will greatly help support its value .

MZ: Now over the weekend- this is where it gets fun….There was a lot of conversation and many stories about needing to have a committee for “repricing” Why do they need to reprice?  Maybe they are getting ready to change the value of the dinar??? This is HUGE.

MZ: And they were very up front over the weekend on “Removing the zeros”  and this process provides more purchasing power …they call this the “mechanism to delete the zeros”  This process requires increasing purchasing power when deleting the zeros ….this was a huge weekend.

Member: I read Iraq is going to exchange 1000 old dinars for 1 new dinar and then RI to 1980 price thus increasing purchasing power

Member: I think in the 1989’s the rate was still $3.22.

Member: Will Iraq have a brand new currency?

Member: That is the lower denominations and they are already printed…..articles from years ago say.

MZ: As they increase their value they need to update their bills including the lower denominations

Member: The project to delete the 3 zero notes is to delete those notes from circulation…not to delete the zeros.

Membr: Per Frank from last nights podcast: “Iraq is repricing its repricing its market products e.g. foodstuffs . Iraq is also recalculating their budget based on the last 3 budget years and Sudani is making the monetary/banking reform the highest  priority. 92% of cash (3 zero notes ) have been recovered due to their new electronic payment system” 

MZ: 92 % is HUGE……..Be sure to go watch Franks videos and like, support and share his videos.

MZ: That’s a great way of looking at it.

MZ: Also big: Head of the Rothschild banking family “Jacob Rothschild –financier dies at age 87” Interesting timing….

MZ: “ Ready for fiat system collapse: Dutch Central bank admits Gold Backed Currency plan”  They state this is just in case of a fiat collapse. They are prepared and have set aside gold for this. Their system can instantly go gold backed. More and more central banks are saying the same thing.

Member:  I’m hearing a lot of chatter that the bolivar will be a big surprise

Member: it is rumored that Venezuela is joining BRICS! Pretty positive news, for sure!

Member: Still hoping Nesara and the reset will happen at the same time

Member:  I was told the new USN had to be announced first…before the RV can take place.

Member: Maybe it will happen at the same time?

Member: So should we exchange at banks or redemption centers?

Member: Mark says redemption centers are mostly in banks and will be where we go when the time comes.

Member:  Asked at our bank about changes in the banking and they said yes, we have been learning a whole new system. Asked it it was the QFS, they said yes, and it will be much faster and more secure!

Member:  according to Julie Green.. old financial order is to be replaced asap!!

Member: I saw a post that US troops in Poland are now training for a “World wide blackcout”  No time frame was mentioned.

MZ: We are hearing the same thing from law enforcement agencies and emergency services over here….They say they are preparing for a black-out, tech-out. It would be foolish for us not to make some common sense preparations.

Member: Mark do yoou think the RV is going this week?

MZ: I don’t know but,, the amount of chatter is insane and huge. A lot of people thought it was going over the weekend but it didn’t.

Member: Thanks everyone…..very exciting day today….have a wonderful Monday and see you all tonight.

Member: Happy birthday to all who are celebrating today.

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