“Coffee With MarkZ” Monday Morning Chat 3-25-2024


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Member: ​​Good morning Markz and Everyone

Member: I feel like it’s been Ground Hog Day for way too long. I’m wearing down !

Member: Mark, Why is this taking so long to RV?

MZ: We may have to admit to ourselves it’s just us waiting… makes it seems so long.

Member: I heard they froze money in Iraq last Friday. Waiting for REER. They decided against slow float

Member: I believe Frank and MM ….no basket at this time Iraq alone the rest trickle out later

MZ: I wonder how many more people are thinking that way?

MZ: MilitiaMan did another great video based on what you can see and touch in the news. Be sure to go listen and like and share.

Member: Sudani is supposed to be in the US on April 15th

Member: We could get REER before 15th. Iraq already sent people over last week

MZ: Personally I think Sudani may be here for a “victory lap” after we have already started doing out exchange.

Member: Sudani told his people a major announcement from him during Ramadan???

​​Member: If Iraq goes alone will we be able to buy more currencies?

Member: I believe we will

MZ: I am still 99 % sure they will all go together.

Member: Kim Clement talked about the Dinar and a sudden change. If a basket of currencies changed, I believe God would have told him about a change in several currencies

Member: My thoughts on if IRAQ goes alone, then I’m cashing my IQD and buying a poop ton of VND cuz I will know it’s real.

MZ: There is some fun stuff coming from sources over the weekend. Bond contacts really lit up overnight/and over the weekend. One of my contacts that “lit up” after going quiet said they very much expect things by mid-week this week. They believe they will actually be walking away from the table with spendable money. People who have not been excited for quite awhile are now excited.

MZ: One of my sources refuse to go dark until he has money in hand…..so I will tell you if he goes dark this week.

MZ: I am also hearing similar things from my banking side. Because the historic bonds are getting positive chatter again….makes me feel it will all be going…and not just the dinar. If it was just Iraq- it would not affect the historic bonds. Because the bond folks are excited it looks like it is a bigger event.

Member: MarkZ so just a refresher bonds were supposed to get a certain percentage in fiat then the shift occurs and the rest is funded in gold back!!!?? Right

MZ: Yes they are supposed to get between 1%-10% in fiat. Then the reset……Then the balance in gold/asset backed money.

Member:  What is different this time with your source? Did he say?

Member:  I wish we knew how long after the bond people receive theirs will we go?

Member: Mark, what are your thoughts on how the paying out of different tiers will be spaced out? What HAS to go first, if any?

MZ: We in tier 4 are supposed to go immediately following bonds. We have always been told that historic bond go first with 1%….then  sovereigns, Indian nations, large church groups….. ect …then bond folks get their remaining 9% fiat….then BAM we all start making our appointments. At the same time SKR folks have gotten their payouts. I understand that the whole process should only be a week long and that the very first things we should see is bond folks getting dollars.

MZ: I am just blown away to get this much news on a Monday morning. They are usually so quiet.

Member: Monday’s news starts slow almost always, so this is very positive

MZ: “ Federal agency issues a severe geomagnetic storm alert”  It started yesterday …should give us an idea how vulnerable our communications and electronic connections are around the world.  

Member: Anything new on rates?

MZ: Nothing new….still the same rates I have been hearing for quite awhile.

Member: We are still waiting for the markets to crash and new USN asset backed currency to come out.

Member: Even the MSM has used the term “Black Swan Event” recently. Charlie Ward says the event is the financial crash.

Member: Rumor alert:  Ok Reno has started. Whales are getting calls to go to Reno. They have signed all contracts. Get ready    God bless Wolverine

Member: Many banks reported there are new notes in the vaults that they are not allowed to distribute yet. Hoping they are the rainbow currency we are waiting for.

Member: I asked my banker if he knew about the QFS and the changes coming and he paused and said yes there are changes coming, and then he said that ‘I’ probably know more then he does…lol

Member: I was at Chase bank last week the teller indicated they were showing IQD on their screens and then said what is the other one I said VND she said yes it’s not showing yet. It is going to happen soon.

Member: Positive news today… let’s hope and pray we are at the end of this roller coaster

Member:  Hope everyone has a great day today!

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