“Coffee With MarkZ” Monday Morning Chat 4-29-2024


Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK

MarkZ  Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Good Morning everyone. …Welcome to a new week of Great Expectations!!!

Member: Happy Monday.

Member: What happened to the Saturday show? I’m only on you tube?

Member: Power outage in Puerto Rico

MZ: And so far this morning we are watching the collapse of the Japanese yen…..Things are getting interesting.

MZ: There is a lot of chatter from the bond side from folks that had appointments  postponed last week. They have great expectations that they receive their final contracts and 1% paid this week.   I am anxious to see what happens with bonds next.

MZ: Sources from Iraq are still very quiet as of today. It will be later today or tomorrow before I get updates from the banking and redemption side.

Member: Mark are all the other countries as ready as Iraq???

MZ: “Head of Vietnams parliament resigns amid corruption crackdown”  This is what we are watching as Vietnam prepares.  As I understand it this is a key to Nesara/Gesara

Member: I sure wish that would happen in the US. We need a major clean up on corruption in all areas of government.

Member: What’s up with the Brazil banking rumors!!!!!!!!!!????????

Member: Brazil is supposedly announcing a “new” banking system May 2nd to their country. Could that be the QFS?

MZ: There are a crap-ton of rumors. We just need to see what pans out

Member:  Many seem very positive for this week???

Member: Nader says rumor that they may delete the zeros today

​​Member: Militia Man is almost giddy about our situation .

Member: I wonder what is Iraq waiting for to post rate???

MZZ: “ National Bank of Iraq empowers digital transformation with “Temenos” core banking system”  This will help them go after corruption and illegal dollars.

Member: I had heard that dinar will be 3.90 to 1 usa…wouldn’t that be great?

MZ: We have heard that rumor….it’s in the range of possibility – no way to confirm until we are at the banks.

Member: I’d be happy with $3.90, but I hope it to goes for more

Member: ​​Is there another reason why We might go on May 9, besides Iraq’s meeting with the WTO?

Member: If Iraq becomes a full member of the WTO on the 9th- I would think the new rate would happen before that?

​​Member: Mark, in your opinion does Iraq have to publicly disclose their new exchange rate prior to WTO ascension??

Member: Iraq just got back from Saudi Arabia big meeting.  SA is in BRICS…Maybe Iraq will soon join BRICS as well?

Member: Venezuela just joined the brics….. hold on to your bolivars

Member: It looks like BRICS is the future ..Wish we could all join it.

Member: Iraq is installing fingerprint locks on all cargo containers with GPS and photo capabilities

Member:  Rumor:  Iraq launched a new SWIFT system for handling large amount cash transfers over the weekend, correct?

MZ: I don’t know If I would call it a “SWIFT “ system…but yes….in a nutshell it’s their own system ….a modernized system. The “Temenos”  core banking system.

MZ: “ JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America suffer $4.3000,000,000 Billion in losses as Unrecoverable debt soars”   These are credit cards that people quit paying on where most of this is coming from…..They are seeing more and more defaults.

MZ: “After overnight collapse to 34 year lows- Yen surges in apparent intervention”  The Bank of Japan had to intervene to rescue the currency…..how many times can they do this before it cascades out of control???.

MZ: We already had our first bank failure of the year….keep watching.

MZ: “ Zimbabwe ZIG- Police clamp down on illegal forex dealers” Some forex dealers were caught trying to manipulate Zimbabwe;’s gold backed  currency.  The Zig right now is doing exceptionally well.  They are doing a fantastic job in Zimbabwe.

Member: The rest of the world need to move to gold backed money now…..hope it’s soon.

MZ:  This is a good reminder- One of our purchasers from South Africa in gold mining…one of the biggest buyers told us about 20 years ago that the large push in central banks and  National treasuries ….was because that sometime between then and 2024 we were going to a gold backed standard…..we don’t know when- but we do know we will be going to a gold standard.

MZ: That is one of the reasons I have so much faith in this. It’s inevitable.

Member:  Do we have any idea how many people in the world own Bonds?

Member: In many countries people hold historic bonds…..probably thousands…if not more.

​​Member:  Mark, have you heard what the banks will be charging for their services to exchange our currency. Is it based on the amount of currency or how many different types of currency.

Member: We were once told the bank fees are built into our exchange already….and they will not come off of our exchange funds. Hope that is true.

Member: This week sure feels promising to me.

MZ: I agree – it does feel promising.  I am expecting a lot of key information to come out this week.

Member: I wonder if there one day of the week that is more likely than another to RV?

Member: Charlie Ward thinks it will most likely happen on a Thursday?

Member: Still praying the RV will occur in the month of MAY!

Member: I hope it happens before Memorial Day…

Member: I just pray we are not waiting until after the November elections…..That would suck.

​​Member:  Each day brings new opportunities, allowing you to constantly live with love—be there for others—bring a little light into someone’s day. Be grateful and live each day to the fullest.

Member: Thank you for being here every morning & evening Mark. We love & appreciate you so much

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