“Coffee With MarkZ” Monday Morning Chat 6-10-2024


Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK

MarkZ  Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Welcome bank Mark……

MZ: I will be here for a short time this morning…..then Zester will come on with StacieZ wrapping it up.

Member: Hey Mark glad your back what are your thoughts on how they end of petro dollar will manifest in the market and economy?

Member: Wonder how long they are going to keep kicking the can on this rv?!?!

MZ: On the bond side-I have a number of historic bond contacts apts. starting late this afternoon through Wednesday morning. They expect a 1% payment. There are a lot of expectations.

Member: Mark If Bond people get their 1% as rumored, how would you see it rolling out for us briefly hypothetically?

MZ: If they get their 1% this means things are well underway and we should have a better idea on what to expect for the currency side.

MZ: The news throughout the weekend remains positive. We are playing the “wait and see” game to see if those bond dollars start to move.

Member:  What’s your gut feeling about this RV happening before next weekend?

MZ: Nobody knows the timing but we think it’s going to be soon…. I have a lot of contacts who believe it is absolutely going to happen this month….and definitely before the 4th of July. Just stay grounded.

Member: What’s holding up the RV? Our Credit Union is still down due to “core” software updates starting last Friday. Lots of RV signs but what about the “you have arrived sign”?

Member: No announcement of rate in the Gazette I am guessing. Will we ever get to the finish line?? Almost like they are torturing us on purpose sometimes.

MZ: There is still an excellent chance we will get to quietly go and exchange before the rate is published in the Gazette. They are certainly trying to keep it quiet….just like they did with Kuwait when they silenced communication out of Kuwait for over a week before the rest of the world got to know….. But I don’t think this could happen in today’s world and the internet

MZ: Iraq had a good sit down meeting this weekend with the International Finance Corporation. They are on the world stage now. Everything is going really well in Iraq.

Member: Everything except the RV.

Member: ​​Frank26 said last night that the HCL was agreed on

Member: I really wish there was more RV news.

Member: Maybe the quiet is what we need…..for the RV to pop????

MZ: “ Leaving the US dollar behind- embracing digital currency-opinion”  This is interesting from the Jerusalem Post . A digital currency could be the best thing or the worst thing depending on whether it is fiat or backed by assets.

Member:  People are waking up to the potential of change and different currencies. This article talks about blockchain and our changing system. The Quantum system…..or the quantum protected system. We see the change coming all over the world.

Member: Spoke to my BofA Bank Mgr and asked him questions point blank: are the new currencies in place. Yes. Delivered? In the vault? Yes. Are you aware of the QFS switch from Swift? Yes. Date? They’ll tell us

MZ: “Putin urges major expansion of Russian financial markets, cutting use of Western currencies.”  They are expecting less then half the world will be using the USD before the year is out. Most of Russia’s external trade is done in rubles.

MZ: “China’s new investment play is shifting away from US treasuries to global opportunities” We have all been told we will see the dumping of US treasuries…and we are seeing that now. China is dumping them.

Member: Jim Willie says Dong is going first due to China’s control over it. I’m all for that!

Member: Well somebody needs to start- and maybe the rest will follow?

Member: 2 weeks ago wells verified my currency and said soon we will be able to exchange. From a wm that has been there for 30 years. Good guy

Member: My local Wells Fargo stated they are not allowed to trade 2 currencies right now. those currencies are the Dong and Dinar

Member: If it floats – will we need to put our funds in multi currency accounts?

MZ: If it is some kind of float you will hear all of shouting “multi-currency accounts” But, its not expected to float….It is expected to be based on a gold/asset standard …but if it does…we will be prepared.

Member: Frank and others say it will float……guess we should hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Member. At least if it start as a float- they are finally doing something……and we will just have to adapt.  Somebody needs to do something….even a float is better then what they have now.

Member: So so so much disclosure happening lately. It’s so exciting to watch especially when ones eyes are open!!

Member: If this is a movie then I’m ready to read the credits!!

Member: my bank account keeps saying it’s hungry and wants to be fed now hopefully soon

Member: We are all weary and frustrated but keep the faith- the best is yet to come.

Member: Skye Prince has a voice message out that we could be hours away!!! Let’s all pull together to manifest what we know is coming

Member: thank you pdk we have the too long dint read version of this. not always able to hear calls. thank you PDK.

Member: And thanks Mark, Mods, Zester and Stacie…….everyone enjoy the rest of your day.

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