“Coffee With MarkZ” Monday Morning Chat “Rate Rumors” 3-11-2024


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MarkZ  Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: gm all ..another week begins in this quest for an RV..

Member: Good Morning and Happy Ramadan to everyone….month long holiday starts today

Member: And here we still wait…Ramadan now…could be a while. Hope not

MZ: Don’t let Ramadan starting shake you. If Kuwait is any kind of example…they don’t mind revaluing in Ramadan.

Member: Eleven: In some cultures, the number eleven is believed to be lucky. It is associated with new beginnings, spiritual awakening, and auspicious opportunities, representing alignment and balance.

Member: The weekend was exceptionally quiet.. eerily quiet. I take that as a GOOD thing! Let’s Go!

Member: From the rumor mill….Black Swan event around the 15th

MZ: I have been sent lots of rumors, clips  and prophecies about Mar. 15th….you name it.

Member: So when does Iraq ascend to the WTO?

MZ: We know Iraq has completed everything and we know they are keeping the date clouded on purpose.

Member: Iraq had an article out on local gold prices, it equates to over $10,000.00 per ounce of gold! ARE WE THERE YET ?

Member: Any confirmation that China is pulling out of the stock market?

MZ: No,  but individual companies are de-listing because we require more oversight and they don’t want to do the accounting and show them their books to stay on the US stock exchange. So there is a big movement for Chinese companies to de-list from the US stock market.

Member: March 11th – The Fed stops lending cash to banks

Member: Not sure why folks think banks are collapsing today, it’s a delayed process.

Member: Stocks are down this morning waiting on key inflation numbers this week.

Member:  The market would have to be down at least 800 pts to mean anything

Member: I talked to someone at JP Morgan….Knew nothing and was rude and condescending

Member: IMO Not all bank branches are participating. Info is on a need to know basis only. Security is important.

Member: I hope Nader is wrong! He said it won’t RV in March

MZ: I still think we could RV before April. But, nobody knows the exact timing.

MZ: MilitiaMan did a solid one over the weekend. Hope everyone watched it.

MZ: What I would really like to share with you is from this morning: “ Iraq’s ruling coalition may call for early elections” The Iranian lined up divisions seem to be afraid of Sudani.  But he has about a 78 percent approval rating from the people and has gotten a lot done.  

MZ: But this statement is what they fear the most right now ” The Iraqi government is currently weighing the question to change the currency so that the official cost of the US dollar will be 1.32 Iraqi dinars instead of 1320.”  Implementing such a decision is likely to significantly increase Al Sudani’s popularity.

MZ: What does this mean? It means they don’t need the zeros anymore. This means that each Iraqi dinar would be worth .76 cents. This was right from Iraq’s own paper. And they are “currently weighing this question”

Member: If Sudani does this- he would be our hero for sure. Price would float up from there imo.

Member: If Iraq is discussing a rate in the news. It’s already done!

MZ: I agree.

MZ: I still very much believe we will see a higher rate than that …but let’s say each dinar is worth .76 cents. They may be coming in at .76 and letting it float. We don’t know for sure. But to see it openly discussed in their news is huge.

Member: At a rate of .76 – then each 25,000 note of dinar would be worth $19,000 USD.  Exchanging one note is enough to help many of us immensely while we wait for it to float higher.

MZ: Roughly each one million in Iraqi dinar would be worth $760,000.00 USD the moment they decide to do that. And they are openly weighing that rate. This may be a huge “tell” for us.

Member: this is an excellent sign they are floating that rate in public papers

Member: For sure the Dinar would be quite higher by the end of the day in open trading!!!!!!

Member: Would be a lot more than we have now for sure. Many lives and homes could be saved.

Member: Either way it goes it will be a blessing and more than we have today. best part will be when we get rid of the circus we have going on.

MZ: I believe they could be “prepping the market” If this is the worst case scenario we would be in good shape. Imo

Member: I don’t think Iraq could fix their entire country on a rate of .76 cents?

MZ: I still believe it will be higher. But we will see. They just gave us what I consider the “worst case scenario” and I feel good about it.

Member: We heard quite a few years ago that Kuwait has requested that the RI/RV rate of Iraq not exceed their rate. I believe Kuwait’s rate is $3+ right now.

MZ: That would make sense…At least in the short term.

Member: At least something may actually be happening. That’s huge in itself. So tired of all the years of talk with no action……

Member: If Iraqs rate comes out at .76…Wonder what VND rate will be?

MZ: that could mean dong at .36-.40 cents…..we always though the VND would be 3/4 of the value of the IQD. And I believe those rates are the worst case scenarios. So nobody panic. I still very much think that we could get up to $4 on the dinar….and closer to $2 on the dong. Its just really great to see that story in print.

Member: If those rates and our exchange is Tax free…….I could live with that for sure.

Member: I’ve been watching Simply Linn’s podcast. She just said that someone from WellsFargo heard about her podcast the other day and called her to have a meeting today

MZ: I would love to be a fly on that wall.

Member: They would have to explain a new asset backed currency to Americans before just releasing it don’t you think mark so some sort of disclosure event ?

Member: Is this our week Mark?

MZ: I expect a tumultuous week…with big things toward the end of it. I am expecting a lot to roll through this week.

Member: Thanks for all the news. I would take .76 if that is what we get……appreciate all you do Mark.

Member: Fingers crossed for big news by tonight.

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