Coffee with MarkZ, Sheila, and Mr. Cottrell. 03/01/2024


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Coffee with MarkZ, Sheila, and Mr. Cottrell. 03/01/2024

Member: Welcome to “Fabulous Friday”

Member:  Good morning everyone! What an exciting weekend RV forecast.. let’s see what happens!

Member: All the chatter sure does point to this weekend…

Member: So will the Mar.1st rumors be true today?

Member: It’s almost 6 pm in Baghdad. If anything had happened we would all know about it by now.

MZ: It will be interesting to see what happens throughout the day today.  Sheila will be on today with Mr. C….They will be calling in early.

MZ: No we have not already gone to a rate of $3.47….most of these rumors are coming from an article posted last November that just was not correct. “The IQD is live at $3.47”  When you ask your search engine…it looks at that article and repeats it over and over…….So it hasn’t happened yet ….but do I think it’s well underway and under process? Do I think they are already rolling things out- ABSOLUTELY!!Z:

Member:  Exactly bad articles are pulled for AI devices like Alexa thus the reason for those shock answers

MZ: MilitiaMan did a good video last night talking about the financial progress Iraq has made and one of the key points is about how they have been controlling inflation internally inside of Iraq…..And they continue to openly discuss the pending value change…. Be sure to go watch, like and share his content….

Member:  I was just with my Lawyer/ Notary in Zürich on the phone , he told me due to his info , there should be funds by next week , we will see , we only can wait .

Member: I heard 5 countries are joining BRICS today…Don’t know which ones.

Member: I am hearing that Iraq is waiting for the US announcement to be made regarding the USN and some payments to be made, so that is where the delay is.

Member:  I wonder how much revenue does Iraq lose daily from not revaluating?

Member: Nader talked a out Inflation last night and about Iraq opening banks outside of Iraq

Sheila and Mr. C join the stream: About minute 15:00 or so.

MZ: It’s great to see both of you at the same time. Where do you guys want to start?

MR.C: Sheila why don’t you start with CMKX?

Sheila: I know there are a lot of questions Mark has received on CMKX. This lawsuit was settled in 2005.

Member: Why does it take 19 years to get paid after winning a court case?

MR. C: The government are saying they cannot find the money

MZ: We know the money was set aside. We know we won the court case.

Mr. C: Remember the US corporation is in charge of the money.

Sheila:   Along with Fines and penalties and the Farm Claims.

MR.C: Its like the old game of Whack a mole. If you don’t see it you don’t get it. I have seen stuff like this go on since the 80’s.

Sheila : Farm Claims have been waiting 35 years

Member: Guess they US gov is waiting for us all to die and forget about it…..and they keep all the money.

MZ: The Pickford settlements go back to the 1960’s and 70’s.

Member: The fact that they can’t find the money that was court ordered to be paid sounds like more can kicking. Feel like we have no power at all, they just do as they please.

MZ: That is some history but on the new front….I continue to hear great things from regional banks. Is there anything international or on the bond side that you can talk about?

Sheila: I believe everything is moving in a positive way. Both on the historical bond side and the currency side.

Mr. C: Looking at my notes from Interpol guys in 2014- I was told the German 60 year plus bonds will be the first to go. And various groups will then go almost simultaneously.

Sheila: The German bonds and the yellow Dragon bonds should kick it off. Then every country who has Historical assets will go…This will help the whole world.

Mr. C: On June 2nd 2014, the Interpol guys said there were more than 1 signatory for gold bullion…..and the gold treaty will basically set up 3 that will receive the codes……There were 3 of us…..Myself, The Admiral and Robert on the West coast of California representing the Chinese banking families.

Mr. C: Then in 2016 the Interpol guys told me I was the only one yet to be satisfied.

MZ: Guess they are saving you for last.

Sheila:  This is a process that takes a long time. But you can see changes happening to get all this money back into the hands of the people. This process began long ago and theses trusts have built up over the decades,,,,,. They are trickling the money down in a slow way or destroy the economy. There is just to much money.

Member: I thought destroying the economy was a good thing….Out with the fiat and in with the asset/gold backed currency??

Mr. C: The problem with that is if they don’t just do it all at one time…..they are giving the rats the opportunity and availability to recapitalize and keep control. It is mandatory from the Golden Dragon…that perp walks need to take place at the same time they are releasing those funds…… I don’t think it will take months to happen…I think its immediate and all over the world.

Member: We are all waiting to see the bad guys/ Cabal in orange jumpsuits and silver bracelets.

Sheila : And they have things lined up and ready to go.

 Mr.C: Once I put the codes in… money basically goes to zero…and Derivatives will be all wiped off the balance sheets all over the world…..Which would require a debt jubilee to take place. All debts will be zeroed out. Then our economy will be like a Tsunomi wave that comes in and goes out and whats left is whats left.

MZ: You would remove all that debt burden which is enormous….Take the shackles off the economy and the people …the economy should explode in a positive way.  

MZ: And you need to destroy all the rats with this….I hear the QFS is that mechanism.

MR. C : Yes they have to wipe eout all fiat money at the very same time to do this.

MZ: That makes sense to do it all at once.

Member: Hope there is nothing else holding up the RV ? Seems like the ducks are in a row .

Sheila: How long will this take?

Mr. C: I was told that the timetable according to Interpol guys is immediate…..Things are already set up from 2011 until now. I suspect what will happen is that the NYSC and markets connected to the NYSC  will shut down for 24-48 hours while they adjust the values. After that they will open up and “Let’s Go”  I have not heard how long the world will be shut down.

MR. C: The idea will be for transparency and no one will get hurt except the bad guys.

MZ: I know they have out in protections for people and 401-k’s, and retirement plans ect…they want to make certain that they don’t screw with the peoples pensions.

Mr. C: I do know there will be gold backed funds and we will get all our money back – it is safe according to the main Interpol guy. Once the codes are released to the Reno operations for the Restored Republic….….Then  the US Treasury will release the codes around the world for immediate use.  This will not be a staged release…It will be all at one….Boom and done.

MZ: What’s different now then what we saw a year ago?

Sheila: Based on what we are seeing with the banks and financial system….. The situation with countries removing the Petrodollar globally and the announcements in Dubai on Dec. 6th to no longer use the Petrodollar for oil money….they are using the Chinese Yuan instead …There is a huge difference from last year. We can see the system changing.  This is how they force the gold standard.

Sheila: And look at all the countries signing up for BRICS. They took in another 30 countries the other day. Everybody is switching from using the Petrodollar. Eventually they are going to collapse the fiat system. Leaving no choice but to go to the gold backed system.  

Mr. C and I think that’s what its building up to.

Member: Thank God for BRICS.

Member: Who are the people making money off the delays of this prolonged event of can kicking?

MR. C. This is about the rats and power. They know when the fiat money goes bye-bye- they lose their power. These are politicians and bankers who are as corrupt as can be. Who are fighting not to give up their power. That’s who we are fighting and that is what has been going on.  

Sheila :  and a lot of good people have been fighting this fight for a very long time.  The more people are educated –the better off we all will be.

Member: So Deep state globalists……the WEF…ect…….

Sheila and Mr.C voices are garbled and muffled a lot…..Hard to understand everything….Please listen to this video yourselves to try to understand everything. More info on Prosperity Packages ect…….

Member: The Day’s, Month’s and Year’s are Flying Bye! Come on RV!!!!

Member: You can silence your panic button …. the RV is coming soon! embrace yourself

Member: Had this incredible feeling of peace wash over me this morning. Maybe things are going to happen this weekend

Member: Thank you Mark and mods, Sheila and Mr. C…….. an exciting time to be alive. We were privileged to be chosen for this time.

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