“Coffee With MarkZ” Thursday Morning Chat 3-14-2024


Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK

MarkZ  Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Good Thursday to Mark, Mods and fellow RV’ers

Member: today is 3.14/ Pi day

Member: Mark: Yesterday I talked to a guy working with maintaining banks ATM/s and such and He told me that all banks will have USTN’s by the end of March.

MZ: I really love these personal stories.

Member: I still wonder if we have to sign an NDA?

MZ: At this point my banking contacts don’t think we have to sign an NDAunless you are a Zim holder. I hope it is accurate.

Member: Anyone heard anything about Iraq going by itself – not all countries?

MZ: I think it’s important to bring this up and hope I don’t cause a panic with it. A person in our community had an interesting conversation. He has a personal relationship with a banker.

MZ: Quote: “Met for dinner with a banking executive. After a couple plates of wings and a couple bottles of wine the banker told me about the basket, or first round is going to be only the Iraqi dinar and the Iranian Rial. He said those countries are gold backed and their internal banking systems are more set up…more so then the others are. The dong should be ready to exchange by late fall.  The bolivar and rupiah are in the first round but will be later on….maybe even into 2025. It all depends when these countries banking certs (certificates?) are completed. He did not know about the shotgun start and said it will be easier to roll them out piecemeal. He also said it was to early to speculate on Zim bonds. He said eventually in the next 15 years or so all currencies will be at 1 to 1.

MZ: Guys, this is just one bankers opinion….so nobody panic. But I take it as a very good sign. And its best to be prepared……or What if it does roll this way ????? I thought it was worth sharing .

MZ: I’m a boy scout. Best to be prepared for all the different contingencies. So just keep in mind “what if?”

Member: Hope for the best but prepare the worst.

MZ: It is encouraging to hear an active conversation about it and that it’s going soon.

Member: Lots of massive amounts of double dipping…..triple dipping will happen if it goes that way…imo

MZ: Yes it would …maybe they want that???  An extended period of wealth. More money over time going into the system instead of a big flood all at once?   To me this would be a tremendous opportunity to get more currency over time. But , I am still hearing it will all go at once. Something to think about.

Member: If the US Dollar is only worth .78 cents now…. that makes it real close to the .76 Iraq Reinstatement. You could say almost 1:1

MZ:I am still hearing that the majority of the currencies will be going all at once. But, its best to be prepared.  

Member: As long as Dinar goes over $3 I’m fine with Iraq going alone.

Member: ​​MZ, if Iraq and Iran go first and alone, I wonder- will the currency still be allowed to float?

MZ: I would assume “YES” …I believe all currencies will be allowed to float after this. Because of the underlying asset values.

Member: Mark any idea what the Iranian rial will go for?

Member: Mark used to think it could be close to the dinar….but a bit lower.

Member: so many problems if all currencies don’t go together/quickly …

Member: I don’t think they can spread it out like that because of the impact to international trade. Countries are too dependent on one another to have that big of a swing in values

Member: If they do it that way…I bet we will be taxed

Member: Frank26 stated last night that we WOULD have to pay taxes when we exchange our currency.

Member: ​​I believe we’ll pay a nominal exchange fee at the bank & we’ll get hit with taxes at the end of the year when we file. Pretty standard stuff, no big mysteries. Check around for the best fees first.

Member: Just pray Marks sources are right and this exchange will not be taxed.

Member: BRICS actions will speed up RV, I Think.

Member: Anybody guess what the Zim may exchange for?

MZ: The last thing I heard and I hope its accurate is $30-$50 million USD per 1 100T note. None of us will know for certain until we get there.

Member: I was told it may revalue at .11 cents after dropping 6 zeros off the 100T notes…..I like your numbers much better …lol

Member: I kept asking questions each time I went into bank. Different tellers over time, 3 wks ago a younger teller replied “we were just talking about that” (Dinar, UST,etc) older teller shut her down

Member: Bank Story: On Monday A Friend Recieved A Shipment of IQD, Within Hours He Recieved A Phone Call From JO Morgan Wealth Manager. My Friend Does Not Have A Chase Account Nor A JO Morgan Account.

Member: When I bought my Dong at Chase 2 years ago they said they would one day exchange it

Member: Why do people think Chase and JP Morgan are two separate entities? They merged in 2000.

Member: Lots of “food for thought” today…..Thanks Mark for the information

Member: Remember to keep your thoughts positive…..the best is yet to come.

Member: No One Knows When, If or How or What. All that happens in Life is All in Almighty God’s Timing. Everything. All. Of It. Just keep praying & trusting Him.

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