“Coffee With MarkZ” Thursday Morning Chat 3-7-2024


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MarkZ  Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Good morning MODS and MarkZ. Let’s have a blessed and wonderful day.

Member: Any RV news today???

Member:  Hi Mark, wondering if your bond folks are still under NDA, could you please tell us if there’s any news from them?

MZ: I am not getting any news from the bond folks….the ones that still will talk- all they say is they are still waiting to receive their 1%.  Then they expect to be under an NDA and quiet.

MZ: It’s been crazy quiet overnight ….I feel like it’s the calm before the storm.

Member:  Bond folks waiting on 1 percent , and been waiting , and been waiting !! They must be beyond frustrated by now.

Member: Nadir said that Iraq is limiting withdrawals from accounts

Member: MilitiaMan also had a good video last night.

MZ: MM did a good reminder video about the gold Iraq has in ground …their reserves and deposits and what reserves we have here in the states. Definently worth the watch….be sure to go listen and like and share.

Member: I wouldn’t expect anything good to happen until the USD collapses

MZ: When we talk about moving to an asset backed currency…some say we ccan’t because the USD is not worth anything. But if you look at our in ground resources – Iraqs are plentiful and the US is plentiful.  The US has some of the largest oil reserves in the world. Plus gold and rare earth minerals.  I am just poining out that we have more abundance then scarcity.

Member: Yes we have great assets…just poor and corrupt management of those resources…..makes me sad.

Member: I heard Iraq joins the WTO in the third week of March. I wonder if we need them to do this before they RV?   Any word on the Pengo?

MZ: I have not heard a thing on the Pengo. But there is a lot of chatter inside Iraq and the WTO for the middle to the end of March.

Member: March 24, 1991, Kwait RV, I hope we don’t have to wait till the end of the month.

Member: Ramadan 1991 started Mar 17th, kuwait rv was on Mar 24th but prep started earlier

MZ:  There is also a lot of chatter again about the lower denominations at many Iraqi banking locations.  They are using cut sheets with samples of the LD’s ect….I am trying to find someone over there to send a picture of these cut sheets to us…. (sample sheets with  Lower denoms on it)  I would love to see an official sheet from the CBI.

MZ: “BRICS revolutionizes the payment system with crypto and blockchain. “  They have already started settling things using  blockchain  instead of  SWIFT. Its more efficiant….more accessible and no one can sanction it.

MZ: Heres another article on this.” Ruble digital ready to launch next year!  This is Russia’s Central Bank Plan”  They are backing their digital currency with something. Not just a electronid fiat currency like the Fed Reserves is presenting. But the Russian preliminary trial on this has gone extremely well. They want it to be in full use sometime next year.

Member: Vietnam has a really low rate and they are in the WTO. Does Iraq have to change the value to be in it?

MZ: Yes. And Vietnam is under pressure as well to change the value of their currency. The US has considered putting them on the sanction list for manipulating their currency. Iraq has been very up front and they have made it very clear they want to be the most valuable currency in the world again. …like they were in the past.

MZ: Surprisingly Vietnam was one of the most powerful currencies in the world before the Vietnam war…..when the US went in and reduced the value of the VND.

Member: There is a pattern between Iraq and Vietnam…..Both times we invaded and screwed with their resources……no wonder they are close trading partners….They are both victims of the US and IMF…..imo

Member: I wonder -Is there really a private side of forex that the IQD is currently trading on? Lots of people say there is no such thing?????

Member: Mark did you hear Dallas on PPN talk about the crazy high RV rates?

MZ: We continue to hear rumors of much higher rates. I will believe it when I see it.

Member: I keep wondering what is the reset/RV delay…What is holding everything up???

Member:  Would make sense to go right before Ramadan. Although, nothing ever pans out. Very frustrating.

Member: The Central Bank of Iraq plays a crucial role in determining the exchange rate and value of the Iraqi Dinar.

Member: Lets hope they actually do it this month……wishing, Hoping and Praying our time is finally here.

Member: Will Iraqi finally just give the middle finger to the USA and revalue for their people?

Member: Iraq going solo will cause a lot of double dipping!

Member: If Iraq does go alone…..I would bet that the rest of the world follows close behind.

Member: Hope everyone has a good day……see you all tonight.

Member: Mark, if there’s nothing going on take the night off and spend it with your family!

Member: The best is yet to come.


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