“Coffee with MarkZ” Thursday Morning Chat and Q&A 5-2-2024


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MarkZ  Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: A bright and beautiful day to everyone today

Member: Is anything good happening…..we hear so much about the bad stuff?

Member: Everyone thinks nothing is happening but everything is happening!

MZ: Today we focus on basic questions and people new to the reset idea

Member: So it’s a Back to basic MarkZ podcast this morning

MZ: It’s been very quiet on the RV side …bond folks – many have done what they need to do prior to the trigger being pulled. Some still have ongoing contract meetings ect….throughout the rest of this week and next week.

MZ: Iraq has been quiet since they told us to expect a rate change in their markets …and its now up to the CBI as to “when”. …then they went quiet. They did let us know recently that they have a new banking system prepped and ready to go. And they have distributed millions of cards to people  to use for banking.

​​Member: It has been quiet now since????? Wondering how long we will be quiet??

MZ: Quiet is not a bad thing right now.

Member: I want it to be quiet because that is when it will go. I don’t expect them to give us any warning what so ever

Member: Does a rate change need parliament approval or just CBI governor announcement?

MZ: According to parliament and the president of their country it only requires the CBI governors announcement. The government has already done everything they needed to do. We heard this last week.

Member: Today starts Basel 3 and ISO20022 let’s see what happens!

Member: Would someone please explain Basal 3 ? I’m sorry if this is a repeat. Thanks.

MZ: In a nutshell-Basel 3 is stricter reserve requirements for banks so that they are better able to deal with downturns. or loses or problems in the markets. They have to have more assets in order to pay share holders, depositors ect…… .to have enough reserves in case there is a problem . But imo…its not enough reserves….but its more than what they required before.

Member: Keep your eye on Xrp today. Ripple loves Thursdays .

Member: Is the Iraq rv just like the Kuwait RV?

Member: Kuwait didn’t delete zeros. They reestablished their values based on their own commodities. Sound currency based on commodities! Iraq and all countries have been destroyed by the industrial complex.

Member: Is the irs gonna make us pay capital gains tax after exchange??

Member: Some people say yes….some say no. I exchanged currency from many countries while traveling and have never had to pay taxes when I exchange it for USD.

Member: Could Iraq lop the zeros off and then what we hold is worth nothing?

MZ: Sudani has said no. The man – Dr. Shabibi who designed the RV said no….Anyone in pretty much every level of authority in Iraq has said no.

Member: I sure hope redemption folks are working this weekend

Member: MarkZ – just got email from my CU – they will announce something on May 8 which marks a bold new chapter “seventy years in the making” … I think a new banking system announcement!.

Member: What questions should we have when we go to exchange? First steps when exchanging?

Member: Go to Dinar Recaps post RV category…lots of tips and exchange questions to ask are posted there.

Member: With all that appears to be lined up and ready to go would you have an educated guess as to why this hasn’t launched yet?

Member: That is the question we all want answered….lol….maybe everything is just taking longer then they thought?

Member: Mark, is it still the case, you will (or should) know processes for our appointments. Possibly within hours prior or after the “Go time”

MZ: I was always told that a few hours prior to this- banking contacts would reach out to a handful of us familiar with the process so that we can help you all be familiar with the process. I am told this is still the plan. We do not get to exchange before you though.

MZ: I am told I will be able to post whatever numbers and links they send me so you can make appointments and know where to go to exchange..

Member: Praying we cross this finish line sooner than later ( as in the next couple of days)

Member: RV is close! My fortune cookie last night said “The star of riches is shining upon you”

Member: Your watching amazing progress happening…more than ever…hang in there…Our Worldwide RAINBOW is AHEAD

Member: Mark I don’t understand the continued delays but this show gets me through. Thank you.

Member: We appreciate your time and patience Mark. Thanks so much and hope all our dreams come true very soon.

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