“Coffee With MarkZ” Thursday Motning Chat 4-11-2024


Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK

MarkZ  Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Welcome to another Thursday –waiting

Member: This Is the Day the Lord Has Made, let us be glad and rejoice in it.

Member: When do you think the RV will happen Mark?

MZ:I think we are on the precipice and almost there. …and we should see (bare minimum) Iraq with a new value sometime in the month of April …This is just based on a gut feeling and information we see coming in.

MZ: Iraq now has full control of its funds and one of the requirements now that it has control of its funds,…..to pay back the United States. It cannot do that at a rate of 1310. But it can easily do it with a value change. I believe the next 10-11 days are going to be huge.

Member: Looks like Sudanis got all his ducks in a row, looking forward to the results of DC being in our favor.

Member:  Iraq is finally sovereign..time to go..

Member: Frank26 said Iraq WTO accession is MAY 9

Member: From Mnt Goat: (Dinar Guru) Even before the 1991 invasion they were producing 2.5 million barrels per day and the dinar was around $3.22. Now they are producing twice as much oil. So what’s going on here?    …The US is playing a game with Iraq and the IQD and most importantly…It’s people are suffering from it the most. War sanctions  are over and its time to give them back their currency along with their dignity.  

MZ: They are getting it back.

MZ: MilitiaMan and a great one last night. Be sure to go watch it. He mentions that Iraq has so much more now in agriculture, gold, rare earth minerals,natural gas,  more oil they are pumping…..ect…there is a vastly larger basket of goods now to base a currency on they had back when the dinar rate was .$3.22.

MZ: Iraq is now free from monetary restrictions from the Us and what is left to do is for us to be paid.  Trump once  said when Iraq pays back the US from the gulf war….then the US would leave Iraq. For Iraq to pay us- we have to have a value change of the dinar.

Member: Even if the rate starts at 1 to 1 and floats…It would help many people. But I sure hope it’s at least $3+

Member:  On April 8th, 2024 the CHIPS Network successfully migrated to the ISO 20022 messaging system. This allows foreign currency exchanges to be traded on the new digital banking system.

Member: Was at CIBC in Alberta 🇨🇦 today at. Asked how the change overr was going. Got a HUGE smile from the teller. Soon she said. All I needed to know

Member: There is a lot of rumors floating around that the US will soon be gold backed and could join with BRICS?

Member: Take that with a pinch of salt, confirmation will come-one way or another !


​​Member: I don’t know about the rumor we joined bricks, I think people are taking Phil’s words out of context. He said the US may join bricks as part of NESARA

Member: IMO It’s obvious that we are going to be gold backed in the end of this…..no matter how the deep state fight it.

Member: ​​Mark. I believe that the reason it is taking so long is to pull all the snakes out of the weeds. They need to get them all. Most of them anyways.

Member: Still looking forward to seeing arrests of the cabal…….hope its soon.

Member: If Corp is bankrupt and all 3 letter agencies non functional, why is IRS still functional and operating as usual?

Member: I am just sick that we have to mail in taxes right now. It will go directly to the cabal…..and make it harder to get rid of them…imo…..Thanks White hats. Sigh

Member: About 6 months ago there was a rumor the bolivar would be worth about .30 cents

MZ: What I have heard lately it may be worth .3 cents….not .30 cents.

Member: Do you think the RV will happen before Nesara?

MZ: I still think they will happen at the same time ….We will have Dr. Scott on tonight to talk Nesara with us.

Member: Whats the difference between Nesara and Gesara”

Member: NESARA/GESARA are the same thing. one represents your National and the other represents everyone as Global.

Member: Skye Prince said good bye last night. she said rv is close, and she’s going non public

MZ: Vietnam is cracking down on corruption. 

MZ: “US credit card delinquency were the highest on record for the fourth quarter”  Now we are in the second quarter of the new year. But the first quarter CC delinquency rate was even higher. This is very bad news and time for them to pull the trigger.

Member: I am concerned about personal safety post RV. Your thoughts on hiring security.

Member: I think the best security will be to keep our mouths shut….dont tell onyone you have new wealth.

Member: I remember last year we were all Praying this would happen on Memorial Day weekend. We’re almost there again.

Member: Maybe this is the year things will actually come true.

Member: ​​Lord I hope we all didn’t get scammed with buying currency. God please help us.

Member: ​​Yall, remember the ( FDIC ) they said: crash the stock market on a Friday? Remember?? So here we are. Very Soon & Hopefully this is the one……Go RV

Member: Everyone have a great day……see you tonight with Dr. Scott

Member: The best is yet to come.

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