“Coffee With MarkZ” Tuesday Morning Chat 9-26-2023


Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK

MarkZ Tuesday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Happy Taco Tuesday…

Member:  Mark said Sudani may make an announcement today? Fingers crossed!!

Member: Some people think they need rate out by 4th for WTO meeting.

MZ: Wish I had some great news for you today…but the news went dry last night …but nothing negative.

Member: Silence is golden?

MZ: They have done a great job cracking down on leaks. The ones I spoke with say they are not willing to lose everything they have been waiting for so I can have some news. I totally respect that.

Member: All of us would do the same……lips would be zipped…..good for them

Member:  Mark, I think I remember your saying a while back that Iraq likes to plan a surprise, not predictable. I say “Surprise is Iraq!”

Member:  I wonder- Is the US the problem with this “delay?”

Member:  Frank said CBI bank in the USA is opening on October 1st.

Member: Yes… Frank specifically mentioned private Iraq bank opening in U.S. on 1st October.

Member: Oct 1st is also the first day of the US 2024 fiscal year.

Member: To me it would be logical to have a reset by Oct 1st…..to bad governments are not “logical”

Member:  The US  Fiscal year is Oct 1-Sept 30. Is Iraq’s still Jan 1-Dec 31? Will that affect anything in RV land?

MZ: Many of my sources are looking at the end of the week….since Oct 1st is on a weekend….after that it all explodes…..but with all the NDA’s out there……Its good to question all the news .

Member: I hope they have to release a rate before Oct 4 when they become part of the international financial community!

MZ: We know Iraq needs a real currency for its full ascension to the World Trade Organization. And this is coming in the first week of Oct.

Member:  I am looking at Saturday night on Sat. Sept 30th…..That’s when all banks are closed around the world

Member: If Quantum Financial is real then why we don’t have more news on it ?

Member: I was on a call that said the QFS really did go live on Sept 22nd…..sure hoping it is true.

Member:  does anyone know the date and what time of the day Kuwait rv’d?

Member: Some are saying Iraq will RV on the same day of the month.

MZ: I believe we have already passed that this year.

Member: The NY Times article said (Kuwait RV): Published: March 25, 1991

Member:  what time of the day (go EST) do we hear about the RV?

Member: We were always told years ago the best time would be between 11Pm and 2 AM  …but I think it could go at any time.

MZ: I think in our time zone we would hear about around 3 or 4 in the AM …In Iraq that would be between 10AM and noon in their country. This is just based on watching the Iraqi news for years.

MZ: MR. C has said the most probable time for him to be paid would be between 11PM and 2 AM

Member: I would think it would get done soon….with the rumors of the Governor of the CBI being removed because rate change hasn’t happened???  Both Sudani and Alaq’s necks are on the line…imo

MZ: Yes they are……and on top of that is the ascension to the WTO on Oct 4th. Things are heating up. It’s do or die for Iraq to get this knocked out.

Member: Will the RV be announced to the public? 

MZ: Yes but they not use the same terminology (like RV or Revaluation) that you and I use. They will most likely call it a “financial reset” or a “sound money act”  or something like that. This will let us know they have gone asset backed and have new bills …you will see it all over the news. If you are paying attention…you will know what it is.

MZ: History tells us there will be a reset. History tells us that fiat will crash. It has happened many times in the past. What is new is it is being done on such a global scale.

Mark Z what is the info on how many days the Redemption Centers will be open ?

Member: 10 days to make appointments and 30 days to exchange

Member:  For anyone following finances – Jim Willie says he believes in the RV AND medbeds

Member:  My Credit Union now has Wealth Management for their front and the lobby for others in the back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Member:  Mark Z hope your day so far is filled with positive vibes….I have faith this RV will go very soon I feel it in my heart…

MZ: No podcast tonight due to a local meet and greet……see you all tomorrow at 10AM est.

Member: Everyone have a fun night tonight.

StacieZ joins the stream at the end…please listen to the replay for her health information.

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