“Coffee With MarkZ” Wednesday Morning Chat 5-22-2024


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MarkZ  Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday

Member: Good Morning Marvelous mods, Mark, and RV’ers

Member: With Iraq half way through their 3 year budget using the same rate- Isn’t it feasible they can continue that until 2026 and then change the rate?

MZ: Except for the projects they are kicking in this year. If you look at the 2024 and 2025 budget-there is more projects . They are going to have to do something or they are going to end up billions in debt..

MZ: That is one thing for Europe, Japan and the Us US who can willy, nilly print more whenever they want…. But, that will not work for Iraq.

Member: Frank said last night that Iraq is working out of 2 sets of books. One at 1310 and one with a float of over $3.00 US

MZ: I whole heartedly agree with Frank. It’s the only thing that makes logistical sense.  When I see the projects and some of the moves ane ways the contractors are getting paid…I very much believe they are operating out of 2 sets of books until they get the opportunity to announce it to the world. Then is should be one set of books.

Member: El Sudani is planning on building 8 new cities. This will not get done at a program rate.

Member: It is the US holding it up not Iraq. Maybe Iraq can’t go until the USTN has been announced.

MZ: I think the US is desperate enough to let Iraq move forward….

Member:  I think it’s the Chinese elders holding us back. Imho

MZ: They may be holding us back waiting on the “clean up”? One of the things Mr. C and Interpol said is that one of the key sticking points has been the level of disclosure the elders are insisting on and the level most western leaders won’t admit to even though it is factual.

Member: I have waiting for the “Bad” guys to be arrested for 10 years! I’m sure others have been waiting even longer.

Member: It sure looks like Iraq is waiting for other countries get ready for RV. Just waiting for that green light.

Member: this nation can’t continue this way any longer… let’s reset!!

Member: I don’t think the RV will happen until the end of the year

MZ: Do you think our financial system will last until the end of the year? I don’t.

Member: I don’t think the financial system will last until July 4th….much less end of year.

Member: Hopefully this is our big weekend….

Member: I think we exchange during fiat system, hence high rates paid in fiat, then asset backed currencies enter and our accounts turn 1:1 IMO.

Member: ​​Isnt today the day government employees get an EAS or EBS…Like the IRS and other gov organizations?

Member: Do you believe bonds have started?

MZ: I very much believe bonds have started. Do I Think individual bond holders have been paid- No. Do I think there are bond meetings today where they are called in over the last 24 hours to be there in person- yes. So I very much believe bonds have started.  

MZ: I know of bond facilitators that have spendable money. I know people working on humanitarian projects and their bonds are solely making maes and purchasing equiptment. So I am confident money is moving. I don’t think it’s moving for profit bondholders yet.

What is a paymaster or facilitator?

MZ: They are the link between bond buyers and sellers. A facilitator ccnnects the 2 parties. Think of them as the closing attorney at a real estate transaction between the person selling the home and the person buying the home…..….he makes sure all fees are paid. Money is where it needs to be…..That is a paymaster.

MZ: Short bank story: In a nutshell (not verbatim) A person goes to her bank and wants to have a conversation. She could tell the manager is very uncomfortable. she asks him if there are things he cannot say…….he nods his head yes. She starts asking him questions about our currencies and our exchange. The manager was shaking his head yes and no…meanwhile saying the things the bank wants him to say.

MZ: Are you expecting new currency ?( he nods yes) Is it asset backed (He nods yes) Are you going to get to exchange dinar, dong ect? (he nods yes) Are you trained? (he nods yes)  Meanwhile he has to say “It’s just a scam”  If he said anything else he might get in trouble.

Member: Sure sounds like he was bugged…or someone is listening to make sure they don’t leak info doesn’t it?

Member: My Husband went to Chase yesterday to ask about the RV and was told to come back Thursday.

Member: Any 28% capital gains tax on currency exchange?

Member: Dear God – let’s hope not.

Member: As of right now it’s smart to assume there will be capitol gains paid to the IRS at tax time from our exchanges. Biden wants 44%… If that happens we can hope to get it back with Nesara.

Member: Hope for the best (no taxes)  but prepare for the worst.

Member: I wonder what’s up with Biden resigning the iraqi doc. EO 13303 ….I thought Iraq was free and sovereign and the US couldn’t mess with them anymore????

Member: With YOUR PREVIOUS excitement and tight lipped but “hopeful” podcast, it seemed good was coming soon…pray it into existence

​​Member: Lord, we are so weary, strengthen our resolve to help make this the world you wanted for us! Lift us up & bless your faithful to go out and be beautiful examples of your unconditional LOVE!

MZ: MilitiaMan is going to join us tomorrow morning….to give us the latest.


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