Conference on Iraq’s Five-Year Development Plan

Conference on Iraq's Five-Year Development Plan

The Economic Relations Department of Iraq’s Ministry of Trade participated in Iraq’s conference to formulate a five-year national development plan.

The event in Baghdad, attended by the Prime Minister, aimed to collaborate for Iraq’s developmental future under the theme “Working Together to Shape Iraq’s Development.”

The Director General of the department, Riad Fakher al-Hashimi, highlighted the importance of the conference as a crucial opportunity to present a new vision for Iraq’s development. The objective is to establish a developmental strategy that aligns with the government’s program at the institutional level.

During the conference, Al-Hashimi emphasized the significance of the food basket in ensuring material stability. The discussions also revolved around how to strengthen economic ties with different Arab, regional, and international nations in a mutually beneficial manner.

The ministers of finance and culture attended the conference, the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), the governor of Karbala, and the heads of specialized committees in the parliament. Additionally, numerous directors general from various state institutions were present. The three-day conference aimed to establish the foundation for a comprehensive and effective national development plan.