Dasoff Petroleum Wins Iraq Contract

Dasoff Petroleum Wins Iraq Contract

Iraq’s Ecclesiastical Committee for Energy has suggested granting the delicate number “MOD-2024” for the activity and support of diesel stations in North Diwaniyah, East Diwaniyah, East Karbala, and North Amara to Dasoff Oil Administration LLC.

The agreement cost is set at $13.5 per MWh on a “Take and Pay” reason for a time of 5 years, as chosen by the Service of Power’s focal survey and endorsement board.

Dasoff, which also has a subsidiary in India, refers to itself as a consortium made up of:

  1. Mohammed Obaid Mohammed
  2. DAS Seaward Designing PVT. LDT.
  3. Bhagwan Dhamaji Gawai