Deputy: The gasoline crisis is on its way to being resolved

Deputy: The gasoline crisis is on its way to being resolved

Friday, Representative Nour Nafi said that the problem with gasoline at gas stations is getting better.

“There has already been a crisis at gas stations in many governorates of the country during the past 48 hours, and the reason is related to the delay in the arrival of the tanker carrying imported gasoline to the southern ports for some time,” Nafie stated in an interview with

She added, “The circumstance has changed and the appropriation cycle has started. ” Fuel, alluding to gas, will be shipped off stations in the governorates as per the arrangement of the General Organization for the circulation of oil based commodities, expecting that the emergency is headed to being settled inside a brief period.

She called attention to that “Iraq is needing expanding its creation capacities of oil subsidiaries to fulfill the rising need and lessen the import bill.” Which conveys huge amounts of cash to the financial plan.

It is vital that Iraq imports a piece of its fuel needs from different nations through the southern ports, and from that point it is shipped in tanks for circulation in different governorates.