DG Inspects Progress at New Diyala Oil Concessions

DG Inspects Progress at New Diyala Oil Concessions

In the fifth round of licensing for the development of oil and gas resources, Midland Oil Company’s director general underscored the company’s dedication to offering a favorable investment environment for successful international enterprises.

Mr. Mohammed Yassin held a meeting with the province’s security leadership to coordinate security efforts and cooperation during an inspection visit to the Khashim Ahmer-Injana [Khasham Al-Ahmar] and Gilabat-Qumar [Kalabat] fields in Diyala province. Mr. Yassin stressed the significance of developing these fields in order to add new quantities of oil and gas to national production.

The Director General, accompanied by a representative from Crescent Petroleum, praised the work of the employees and the operating firm, as well as the participation of the public and our security forces’ vigilance.