Dhi Qar Electricity denounces the theft of cables by vandals

Dhi Qar Electricity denounces the theft of cables by vandals

The Dhi Qar Power Dissemination Branch approached residents to report any endeavored robbery of links in their areas, from a spirit of liability to decrease instances of treachery, harm to their inclinations, and hardship of the gift of power by those with frail spirits.

In a proclamation got by the branch condemned the crook acts that the governorate has seen as of late, addressed by rehashed endeavors to take the ground links (33 and 11 KV) taking care of optional stations and private areas.

He made sense of, “The previous evening, obscure people endeavored to take the 33 kV ground link taking care of the Al Nour auxiliary station 33/11 kV and the one coming from the New Nasiriyah (Modern) station 132/33 kV, which made the line quit working and an expansion in disengagement hours.” Modified in various regions towards the island in the governorate focus.

He approached “the security powers to play their job by giving the important security assurance to these maternity specialists, circling back to the culprits and capturing them so they accept their only discipline as per the law and to be a guide to every individual who tries to hurt public assets.”