Dhi Qar initiates a plan to increase the production of the Sabah oil field

Dhi Qar initiates a plan to increase the production of the Sabah oil field

The Control and Frameworks Division, one of the arrangements of the Designing Expert in Dhi Qar Oil, finished, on Monday, crafted by looking at and aligning all accuracy hardware gadgets, including level transmitters, pressure transmitters, and strain and temperature measures in the Sabah oil field.

The authority of the Control and Frameworks Division of the Designing Power, Hassan Salman Shamkhi, told , “As per the mandate of the Chief General of Dhi Qar Oil Organization, Ali Khudair Abbas, the designing units led examination and adjustment work on accuracy hardware gadgets in the Sabah oil field, where they were embedded. Oil and gas control valves with a programmed framework and coordinating the readings with the observing screens in the control room through the endeavors of the staff partaking in finishing the creation cycle.”

He brought up that “works are proceeding to acquaint gear with work with the Auto framework to enhance the creation interaction and expanding the creation limit of the Sabbah oil field. This work is viewed as a significant accomplishment for Dhi Qar Oil Organization because of the consolidated endeavors and work in a solidarity with the organization’s joints.”

He called attention to that “the point of these works is to upgrade the creation interaction by safeguarding gadgets and gear.”