Dhi Qar Oil Company Embraces Renewable Energy

Dhi Qar Oil Company Embraces Renewable Energy

The Director General of Dhi Qar Oil Company (DQOC), Ali Khudair Abbas, announced plans to power oil fields, facilities, and departments with solar energy systems.

According to him, this decision is in line with the Minister of Oil’s instructions to promote renewable energy as a means of generating power to cater to the requirements of companies, facilities, and oil-related departments, while also optimizing electricity consumption. The aim is to minimize the national electricity grid’s burden and depend on self-generation.

According to the General Manager, the company has installed solar power sources in multiple buildings at its headquarters, as well as in the oil fields located in Saba’a and Nasiriyah. He mentioned that the company has made significant progress since the start of this year and is committed to improving energy supply even more in the upcoming year.

The Head of the Electricity Department at DQOC emphasized the company’s use of cutting-edge solar technology, regular maintenance, and updates.