Economist’s “News and Veiws” Saturday 11-4-2023


Financial Reset To Trigger 60% Market Collapse, Wipe Out This Year’s Gains | Chris Vermeulen

David Lin:  11-3-2023

Chris Vermeulen, Chief Market Strategist of, discusses the latest market momentum and what’s next.

1:46 – Stock market momentum

6:46 – Year-end rally?

9:03 – Small cap stocks

12:26 – Price life cycles

21:00 – Gold 24:55

 Real estate 27:40

Asset allocation

30:45 – The Goldilocks Mission

Fed Close To “Full Panic Mode” | John Rubino

Liberty and Finance:  11-4-2023

Even though the Fed has paused, rate hikes often cause lagged effects on the economy. Continued stress in the financial system is likely, and John Rubino says the mainstream investor could be devastated.

He sheds light on risks that most investors, even those in the precious metals space, often overlook.


0:00 Intro

2:44 Fed pause

10:28 Mainstream investors

 17:10 Banking stability

21:14 Stock risk

30:00 Risk reduction