Economists “News and Veiws” Thursday 10-12-2023


2nd Phase Of Crash Has Started | Bob Moriarty

Liberty and Finance:  10-12-2023

The 2nd phase of the crash started late September, says Bob Moriarty, marine, naval aviator, and financial author.

He says with the Israel-Hamas conflict heating up, things could get worse rapidly.

 “We are in a very scary situation. And is it going to affect the financial markets? Absolutely.”


0:00 Intro

2:00 Israel conflict

 6:00 Financial consequences

 12:38 2nd phase of stock crash

 16:40 Gold & silver

22:40 Chicken story

25:00 Last thoughts

Financial Truths: Gold & Silver To Rock! | John Rubino

Soar Financially:  10-12-2023

This time, we’re joined by financial expert and writer, John Rubino, known for his extensive background in the industry, including his work at ‘Dollar Collapse dot com’.

We explore the eerie similarities between today’s economic climate and that of the 1970s, discuss potential signs of a massive crash, delve into the oil crisis, and even touch upon mining stock trends. Don’t miss this enlightening discussion!

Debt Markets Shifting Towards Collapse with Gregory Mannarino

WTFinance:  10-11-2023

During our conversation we spoke about the continued debt issue, what is happening with government bonds, why we are seeing a liquidity vacuum, the current system and more.

0:00 – Introduction

 1:04 – What are we currently seeing in the markets?

 5:16 – What is happening in the debt market?

8:10 – What is happening in long duration government bonds?

11:55 – Why is there a liquidity vacuum?

15:45 – Will we see a changing system in the short term?

18:40 – What will be the first to crack?

21:10 – Crises to benefit assets?

26:45 – Precious metals benefit when debt markets have issues

28:10 – One message to takeaway from our conversation?