Economist’s “News and Veiws” Thursday 10-5-2023


The Dollar Can Not Survive America’s $33 Trillion Debt Crisis

Atlantis Report:  10-5-2023

A ton of money is being used to run the economy, a large portion of which is borrowed. The catch is that every money borrowed must be paid back with interest.

This means that while these borrowed funds are being put to good use, the interest payments are depleting our resources.

Now, you may say, ‘Oh, let’s reduce the amount of money we’re borrowing,’ but that’s the issue. America CANNOT afford to borrow any less than it is borrowing at the moment.

OMG! New Report Uncovers Shocking Similarities Between Today And 1987

George Gammon:  10-5-2023

Destroying the IMF’s INFLATION Propaganda

Mike Maloney:  10-5-2023

In this eye-opening video, Mike Maloney delves deep into the claims made by the “Inflation Misinformation Foundation” (IMF) regarding inflation.

Join Mike as he dissects their arguments and provides an alternative perspective on this crucial economic topic. Discover how inflation truly works and why government policies play a significant role in its dynamics.

 He also discusses the impact of low interest rates on your savings and borrowing costs.

 If you’re seeking a fresh perspective on inflation, this video is a must-watch.