Economist’s “News and Veiws” Thursday 11-16-2023



Lynette Zang:  11-16-2023

Despite Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s acknowledgment of persistent inflation, there’s uncertainty about whether interest rates will remain elevated or undergo a shift.

In our recent discussion on Tuesday, we delved into the reasons behind the Federal Reserve’s hesitancy to lower rates, particularly within the context of a crisis.

The unfolding crisis is evident in the cooling labor market, with U.S. jobs data indicating a widespread slowdown and the unemployment rate reaching a nearly two-year high.

Join us as we analyze these developments and explore the unfolding breakdown of the consumer in this economic landscape.


0:00 State Of The Consumer

1:30 Paycheck to Paycheck

3:49 Fed Ex Pilots

4:50 Tapping More Credit

7:40 Equity Extraction

10:25 Delinquencies On The Rise

11:46 Credit Scores Hit All Time High?

14:01 Without A Recession

 17:14 Gold Demand

What Happens When a Treasury Auction Fails

Heresy Financial:  11-16-2023


0:00 Intro

0:58 Treasury Auctions Explained

 6:07 How Does it Work in Practice

7:13 Recent Auction Almost Failed

9:14 What Happens Next

11:29 What Happens When it Actually Fails

The Fed. Is LITERALLY Buying It ALL… And THEY ARE NOT DONE! Important Updates.

Greg Mannarino:  11-16-2023