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We’re Marching Towards Worst Case Scenario | Gregory Mannarino

Liberty and Finance:  10-30-2023

We’re in the largest and most vicious bear market in debt we’ve ever seen,” says market trader Gregory Mannarino. Governments continue to increase spending as now multiple wars have broken out.

“We’re marching towards a worst case scenario,” he says.

“Cash is going to look for places to go.” He expects commodities, especially precious metals, to go much, much higher.


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An Unprecedented Credit Crisis Is About to Undercut America’s Quality of Life

Atlantis Report:  10-30-2023

Americans are gradually sinking into a deep financial hole and it keeps getting worse by the day. Hardships facing low-income earners, students, and even the middle class have never been this bad. The numbers give us an insight into how dire the situation is, yet they don’t paint the full picture.

A $1 Trillion credit card debt sounds alarming but not alarming enough except you look beyond the figure to millions of Americans in debt and hundreds of thousands using credit cards to pay for groceries and basic amenities like light and water.

 Inflation is taking its toll on everyday essentials, from food to energy, making it difficult for families to make ends meet.

Andy Schectman: Gold vs Silver – What’s The Better Option

Arcadia Economics:  10-31-2023

As the US (and foreign) deficits and debt-loads continue to surge to levels that were once unimaginable, the recognition of the value of precious metals as an asset class is increasing at an accelerating rate.

Although when people finally accept the argument that gold and silver are important assets to be considering, especially at this particular time, one of the first questions that often comes up is which metal to invest in.

 In this type of environment, should people be buying gold, or should they be putting their money into silver?

It’s an important question to consider, and in this week’s physical silver report, Andy Schectman talks about the difference between the two choices, and lays out the case for each.

Perhaps like anything, the correct answer is a mix of both. Yet Andy provides the key factors to consider when deciding between the 2 precious metals, while also explaining why the answer may differ depending on what situation each individual person is in.

So to find out more about the latest dynamics affecting the physical gold and silver markets, click to watch this video now!