Economist’s “News and Veiws” Wednesday 10-4-2023


Treasury Notes: Short-Term Gains or Long-Term Regrets?

Lynette Zang:  10-4-2023

n a world where surprises can shatter financial stability overnight, we face a tough choice: Is chasing short-term gains really worth risking everything?

With the national debt pushing through $33 trillion and your purchasing power literally vanishing, time is not on our side.

You should wondering—when the debt bubble pops, will there be time to react? Join me today as we explore treasury yields, debt bubbles, and the Fed’s moves, and discover how the 1% are preparing.

The clock is ticking. Coming up.


 0:00 Gains or Regrets

2:19 10-Year Treasury Note Yield

 11:14 Federal Reserve

13:14 $33 Trillion Debt

19:40 Purchasing Power

 22:10 Smart Move by Central Bankers

25:44 Gold & Silver

7 Big Banks Sound The Alarm On The Massive Financial Crisis Ahead

Atlantis Report:  10-4-2023

Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley, among others, have recently issued stark warnings about the future of the financial markets.

 They have raised red flags about various aspects of the economy, including the stock market, consumer spending, and the real estate sector.

Their concerns, taken together, paint a worrisome picture of what lies ahead.

This $500 TRILLION Time Bomb Threatens To BURY The Global Economy

Sean Foo:  10-4-2023

We are sitting on a $500 trillion dollar time bomb that could explode the higher interest rates go.

As the Federal Reserve continues to fight inflation, big hedge funds and banks are betting big against the bond market.

 However, they are using derivatives and leverage. This could backfire and might just be the black swan event that sparks a global financial crisis.

Timestamps & Chapters:

 0:00 The $500 Trillion Disaster

 2:38 Rate Hikes Nightmare

5:32 The Fed Triggering The Unthinkable

 8:39 Huge Hedge Fund Risk!

11:20 A Global Default