Economist’s “News and Views” Friday 5-17-2024


Debt Spiral Induced Market Crash Incoming? with Peter Grandich

WTFinance:  5-17-2024

On this episode of the WTFinance podcast I have the pleasure of welcoming back Peter Grandich – Founder of Peter Grandich & Company.

 During our conversation we spoke about strong markets leading to a crash, the risk of a debt collapse, what happens if no deficits, BRICS, why unemployment data isn’t the full truth, gold and more.

I hope you enjoy!

1:04– Introduction

 3:08 – Strong market for coming months before crash

4:53 – Risk of a debt collapse?

 6:23 – How long has run been going?

 9:53 – Wall Street Titans coming out against Biden

12:11 – What happens if no deficits?

16:50 – Who consumes China’s manufacturing?

19:11 – Can the change be prevented in US?

 22:05 – Strong employment helping economy

24:30 – Assets to perform?

29:05 – Who is buying gold?

31:40 – One message to takeaway from conversation?

Beijing fortifies a rising gold price – LFTV Ep 173

Kenisis Money:  5-17-2024

In this week’s episode of Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire guides listeners through the latest developments around the new BRICS currency, surging Chinese gold demand, and pivotal findings from the IMF’s latest report.


00:00 Start

01:45 Community question: where are we in the physical vs paper war?

11:45 The BRICS gold-backed currency

18:15 Will massive Chinese gold demand continue?

32:45 The latest International Monetary Fund report

Gold & Silver Breakout: $30 Silver & $2400 Gold – What’s Next? | Bill Holter

Liberty and Finance:  5-17-2024

The physical precious metals markets in the East are overwhelming the paper manipulation in the West, says Bill Holter .

Metals and miners are rising and showing significant signs of strength. He expects a breakout coming. Rising gold prices are signaling a collapse of currencies, he notes and cautions against investors waiting to protect themselves with metals.

For those waiting for pullback, he simply says “good luck.”


0:00 Intro

1:30 Physical vs paper

4:30 Fiat currencies collapse

5:25 Pullback coming?

6:39 Gold manipulation

 7:58 Selling gold & silver

 9:36 Gold/silver ratio

10:47 Is silver undervalued?

 11:30 Pre-1933 gold coins

 14:15 Gold jewelry

15:30 Currency crisis

16:47 Which currency will collapse first?

 18:40 China’s national debt

21:40 Bank failures

25:00 Real estate and farm land

26:15 Relocation

29:08 Central banks & silver