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Crisis For Bullion Banks Amid Surging Metal Prices | Alasdair Macleod

Liberty and Finance:  5-31-2024

Physical silver and gold are being drained from the major exchanges, and the bullion banks are losing control of the gold and silver prices, according to bullion researcher and former bank director Alasdair Macleod .

This could lead to a crisis on the exchanges and a crisis for bullion banks. While the prices of precious metals have been manipulated in the West, the West has spread anti-gold propaganda, says Macleod.

 But the East has continued to accumulate, probably far more than what is officially reported.

Gold is certainly going to reassert itself as money, he says, and the remonetization of gold will spell disaster for the Dollar.


 0:00 Intro

1:30 Physical silver & gold supply

12:08 Inflation & depression

34:30 Banking system

40:07 Anti-gold propaganda

48:15 Gold reserves

Citigroup Sounds The Alarm On Complete Economic Collapse

Atlantis Report:  5-31-2024

Citigroup, one of the world’s leading banks, has made a shocking announcement about the looming threat of a complete economic collapse.

This alarming forecast comes amidst growing concerns over the state of the labor market, which has shown signs of deterioration that could have far-reaching consequences for the nation’s economic stability.

The warning has prompted governments, corporations, and individuals to prepare for an unprecedented economic calamity.

US Panic: FED Admits The Economy & Dollar In Danger As Countries Lose Faith In U.S. Debt

Sean foo: 

The US economy is in trouble and the Fed has admitted even the dollar is facing danger as well. Because of uncontrolled deficit spending and sanctions, America’s economic path is unsustainable. Here’s why countries are exiting US debt and why the ending looks bad.

Timestamps & Chapters:

 0:00 Fed US Dollar Warning

 2:46 Countries Exiting US Debt

5:55 Unsustainable Spending Crisis

7:46 Sponsor: Indigo Precious Metals

9:12 Deadly Debt Spiral

10:51 Protectionism Backfires Bad

13:08 America’s Big Trust Deficit