Economist’s “News and Views” Monday 10-2-2023


The West is Getting Old and Dying

Nomad Capitalist:  10-2-2023

In today’s thought-provoking video, we dive deep into the seismic demographic shift that’s currently reshaping our world.

 For decades, dominant powers relied on young working-age populations to fuel economic growth, but that era is coming to an end. Join us as we dissect the data and insights shared by The New York Times and explore how this global demographic transformation will impact your wealth and freedom.

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00:50 Global Demographic Shift

 8:26 Difficulties in Western Countries

9:58 Opportunities in Emerging Countries

12:56 Social Security Systems

17:56 The Role of Second Passports

 18:36 The Future of a Multipolar World

This is What it Looks Like Right Before a Depression Starts

Heresy Financial:  10-2-2023


 0:00 Video Overview

1:17 The Boom and Bust Cycle Theory

5:54 How it Plays Out

Banks Will Need AT LEAST A $17 TRILLION DOLLAR BAILOUT. And YOU Are Going To Pay For It!

Greg Mannarino:  10-2-2023