Economist’s “News and Views” Monday 4-1-2024


BRICS NEWS: Russia Plans Global Food Reset, China Economy Surges, US Arctic Claim Challenged

Sean Foo:  4-1-2024

The BRICS bloc is making big moves globally. Russia is planning a grains exchange in the bloc in an attempt to challenge the West for food security and price control.

 Meanwhile, China’s economy isn’t collapsing, in fact, it’s experiencing a big recovery.

On the global stage, China & Russia are also moving to prevent the US from claiming more minerals in the Arctic Ocean. Here’s what you must know!

Timestamps & Chapters:

 0:00 Russia Plans BRICS Grain Exchange

 2:59 A Global Food Reset

 6:47 China Economy Defies Collapse

 8:54 Sponsor: JM Bullion

9:50 China’s Big Rebound

 11:28 Russia Challenges US Mineral Grab

14:42 The BRICS Is Rising Fast

GET READY. The Fed. Is About To Do Something BIG! Capitalize On It NOW…

Greg Mannarino:  4-1-2024

They JUST Admitted The Truth About The U.S. Dollar, It’s NOT GOOD

Atlantis Report:  4-1-2024

Federal officials have recently made a candid admission about the dangerous state of the U.S. dollar.

The dollar has been regarded as the world’s reserve currency and a symbol of economic might, but it is now facing unusual challenges. These challenges threaten to undermine its global dominance and erode its purchasing power.

This admission is particularly concerning given the current economic uncertainty, geopolitical tensions, and mounting concerns over fiscal and monetary policies that govern the world’s largest economy.

 Today, we will examine what’s going on with the dollar and its implications.