Economist’s “News and Views” Monday 4-15-2024


This Week Will Be ‘Nuts’: Forced Sell-Off Of All Assets As War, Currency Crisis Unfold

David Lin:  4-15-2024

Michael Gayed (@leadlagreport), Portfolio Manager of Tidal Financial Group, discusses the “currency crisis” that is already here, and what happens next to markets.

0:00 – Intro

 1:30 – Market reaction to Middle East war

6:00 – Treasuries sell-off

6:55 – Gold is sending a warning

8:21 – Yields vs stocks

12:30 – Collapsing stocks and wealth effect

15:48 – Gold vs. Bitcoin

18:20 – Where is the “safe” asset?

20:31 – Currency crisis is here

23:30 – Small vs. large caps

24:45 – Lumber-gold ratio

27:07 – Credit event

29:44 – Asset class correlations

33:07 – Housing

35:33 – Nuclear war

39:50 – Lead-Lag Report

Fed Planning Major Economic Reset To Lower Inflation

Ken McElroy:  4-15-2024

Ken McElroy and Danille McElroy dig into the inflation numbers and highlight the counterintuitive idea that the Fed needs to cut interest rates to stimulate greater housing market activity, representing nearly 40% of the Consumer Price Index.

Economic Regret: France Buys MORE Russian LNG, Italy Runs To China For Trade, Scholz In China

Sean Foo:  4-15-2024

Europe is having big economic regrets with reality hitting France, Italy and Germany. France is still buying Russian LNG, in fact, Macron is increasing volumes.

Italy is also heading to China to repair trade relations after ditching the Belt Road project. Meanwhile, Scholz is in Beijing trying to rescue the German economy.

 Here’s what you must know!

Timestamps & Chapters:

0:00 France Buys More Russian LNG

 3:09 Europe Needs Cheap Energy

6:14 Italy Pivots To China

9:42 Scholz In China

12:28 Europe Still Needs China