Economist’s “News and Views” Monday 5-13-2024


Bank CEO’s And Elites Panic As Economic Collapse Looms Over Global Economy

Atlantis Report:  5-13-2024

The global economy is currently standing at a critical crossroads.

Bank CEOs and economic elites face the harsh realities of an economic collapse, causing widespread panic among them. They are facing challenges that threaten to disturb the delicate balance of the global financial system.

From the corridors of power to the boardrooms of multinational corporations, these influential figures need help to cope with the situation.

The impending economic crisis has sent shockwaves throughout the highest echelons of power, prompting a flurry of emergency meetings, contingency planning, and frantic efforts to mitigate the fallout.

 The warning signs are evident, and the concerns of the elite are real and require solutions to minimize the damage.

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Lena Petrova:  5-12-2023

WEST PANIC: Saudi-US Mega Deal Falls Apart, China Achieves Global Shipbuilding Dominance

Sean Foo:  5-13-2024

US hegemony is in danger. In the Middle East, America’s bid for peace is falling apart as Saudi Arabia looks to change the terms of the deal. This deal is a desperate off-ramp by President Biden to exit the Middle East conflict.

Meanwhile, China just sealed the biggest LNG shipbuilding deal in history. China is now the world’s biggest shipbuilder, dominating global supply chains.

 Here’s what you must know!

Timestamps & Chapters:

0:00 US Saudi Deal Collapsing

2:46 Saudi Wants Everything From The US

6:09 China Wins Historic LNG Ship Deal

 8:57 China Controls Global Supply Chains

12:15 China Navy Ship Building Shock