Economist’s “News and Views” Saturday 2-17-2024


Top Economist Steve Hanke: Incoming Regulations Will Actually Trigger the Next Banking Crisis

Daniela Cambone:  2-16-2024

Professor Steve Hanke joins Daniela Cambone to discuss the current state of the economy and the potential for another banking crisis.

He explains why the economy is weaker than the headlines suggest as well as how Fed policies have fueled inflation. Daniela Combone and Prof.

Hanke also analyze the risks in the banking sector, the elections, funding the war in Ukraine, and the role of gold. Watch this fascinating discussion you won’t want to miss.


 0:00 Expectation for the Economy

 5:00 Quantity Theory of Money

7:38 Weakness in the Labor Market

11:57 Fed’s Narrative on Inflation

20:38 Health of the U.S. Banking Sector

26:05 Argentina’s Economy and Dollarization

30:2 Russian Assets for Ukraine War Aid

32:48 Assessment of the Gold Market

BRICS NEWS: Egypt Ditches US Dollar, 85% SURGE in Millionaires, Expansion of Russia-China Trade

Lena Petrova:  2-17-2024

More Banks Get Downgraded, 100% Proof Of Severe Change In The Banking Industry

Atlantis Report:  2-17-2024

The US banking industry is undergoing a major transformation, as more banks are getting downgraded by credit rating agencies and facing growing financial risks and challenges.

The downgrades reflect the deteriorating conditions and outlook of the banking sector, which has been hit by a series of shocks and crises.

 Today, we will examine these downgrades and the factors behind them. Recently, regional banks in the United States are facing credit downgrades, leading to concerns about the banking industry’s stability.

Moody’s has downgraded the credit ratings of regional lenders to junk status, a significant blow that has not been seen in over two decades. This signals more than just a minor setback; it hints at a brewing crisis that could reshape the entire banking landscape.