Economist’s “News and Views” Saturday 3-23-2024


Bill Holter- A Banana Republic is Issuing the World’s Reserve Currency

Silver Bullion TV:  3-22-2024

Patrick Vierra from SBTV spoke with retired stock broker and precious metals expert Bill Holter. Bill lays out the state of the economy, money, precious metals, and where we are headed.

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Discussed in this interview:

01:08 Silver and gold price action

06:37 The Federal Reserve

 10:23 You can’t handle the truth

19:07 CBDCs…one world currency?

22:00 Gold – an investment or insurance?

RED FLAG: Gold SOARS As WW3 Fears Drive De-Dollarization and Fed’s Policy Signal Turmoil In 2024

Lena Petrova:  3-22-2024

We’re Not Being Told The Truth About The Economy As Layoffs Skyrocket

Atlantis Report:  3-23-2024

The global economy is once again facing a critical juncture reminiscent of the 2008 financial crisis, with signs pointing to a planned crisis in the making.

The radical effect of the collapse of Lehman Brothers on the job sector in 2008 is a reminder of how delicate the employment sector truly is.

Now, another trend is springing up– companies are letting their workers go en masse, not because they’re failing but because they’re now aiming for new levels of success. This is beyond scary.