Economist’s “News and Views” Saturday 9-30-2023


Citibank Already Starting To Ditch The Dollar, Markets Are Now Freaking Out

Atlantis Report:  9-30-2023

What happens when 90% of the American population finds out that years of savings and investment into 401 k retirement has disappeared?

Calls to move away from relying on the dollar for trade are already growing. More and more countries; from Brazil to Southeast Asian nations; are calling for trade to be carried out in other currencies.

The United States dollar has been king in global trade for decades; not just because America is the world’s largest economy, but also because oil is priced in the greenback.

Most commodities are also priced and traded in dollars.

But since the Federal Reserve embarked on a journey of aggressive rate hikes to fight domestic inflation, many central banks around the world have raised interest rates to stem capital outflows and a sharp depreciation of their own currencies.

Economist Perfectly Called Inflation, Now Predicts Fed Pivot, Recession In 2024 | Steve Hanke

David Lin:  9-30-2023

Steve Hanke, Professor of Applied Economics At Johns Hopkins University, predicts that by 2024, inflation will drop to 1% to 2%, there will be a recession, and the Fed will pivot.

0:00 – Intro

0:20 – Inflation review

4:55 – Inflation outlook

6:00 – Fed pivot

8:20 – Labor market

13:10 – Deflation?

14:55 – Price control

19:45 – Fiscal policy

24:20 – Government shutdown

26:50 – Soft landing?

30:43 – Gold sentiment

THIS Is Unthinkable – America Considers Crossing The Economic Red Line

Sean Foo:  9-30-2023

In a shocking twist of events, America’s special envoy is discussing the possibilities of using Russia’s frozen reserves to rebuild Ukraine.

While this might be an immediate win for the West, it opens up Pandora’s box to more de-dollarization risks and a complete breakdown of financial trust.

Here’s what you must know & why the big winner will be physical gold.

Timestamps & Chapters:

0:00 Confiscating Russian Reserves

2:23 How This Can Happen

 4:22 Trust Will Break Down

6:19 De-Dollarization Will Accelerate

8:35 The Big Winner